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  1. Very cool, Machine! I only wish I had enough time to get out there and make one myself-- we have enough snow... You going to do an overnighter?
  2. Our Latest Trip

    Someday, someday....
  3. Our Latest Trip

    Sure, but can you leave the pig at home?
  4. Campfire Talk

    Hey! I don't stop by the campfire much these days, but you all have a [glow=yellow,10,300]Happy New Year[/glow]
  5. Paracord bracelet?

    Here's a picture of one of the para-bands I just finished for me and my son. How long does it take the rest of you to make yours? These took me a couple hours a piece.
  6. Whats this

    Looks like something to form a cup-shaped something or other... :huh:
  7. Our Latest Trip

    ..but, may I add: sleeping in [glow=teal,2,300]wet [/glow] boots is a real drag. I wonder if moccasins can be warm enough for this application? :hmm:
  8. Our Latest Trip

    I just use a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. It's small and takes decent video. I have used a Sony Handycam for some of my videos, but I'd be a little nervous dragging that into the bush.
  9. Our Latest Trip

    As previously stated, 6x8 probably mostly from the air; we had plenty of ground insulation I suppose that a wool blanket would do a good job insulating you from the ground if you needed to, and then you could rely on the fire for warmth, but we had leaves and/or sleeping pads for ground insulation.
  10. Our Latest Trip

    Hmmm... I have the movie maker that comes with XP. In "Video Effects" there should be an effect called "Speed Up-Double." I used that multiple times on the same clip to get an extra sped-up clip that kind of looks like a time lapse shot.
  11. Our Latest Trip

    Thanks, Swede. heh, heh! I'm trying to decide if you were serious or not about the fast motion... :hmm: I do everything on Windows MovieMaker right now (ugh) and that has all the effects you see on my videos.
  12. Our Latest Trip

    At the risk of being obnoxious and boring, here is the record of our trip: [YouTube] [/YouTube] [YouTube] [/YouTube] [YouTube] [/YouTube] [YouTube] [/YouTube] [YouTube] [/YouTube]
  13. Our Latest Trip

    LOL! The eggs were definitely interesting: they looked gross, smelled gross and felt gross, but I've never been one to let looks, smell or texture define my culinary experiences. The taste was pretty much like an omelet. Oatmeal is great, but no substitute for protein; and I need a lot of that!
  14. it's a little new to me, but it can be used like a deadfall with similar trigger. What we had was a split-stick trigger (my teminology--probably wrong), two sticks, notched so that they would half-lap each other This is what would be triggered had we made a trigger mechanism. I also did some work to it later to round the edges of the notched sticks to make them more of a hair trigger. Where we got the idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlTGHo-hOM4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlTGHo-hOM4