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  1. mini power set up

    I have a Delta-tron 250 amp alternator on my one ton truck a dodge diesel I use it with a 3500 watt inverter to run power tools in the field. If I had to I could plug in a refrigerator in and let the truck idle
  2. I have several horses and a good Airplane 3 cars also 2 jeeps 3 trucks 6 tractors and 2 4 wheelers surly one of them will crank
  3. Hello New Member

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow new comer
  4. If Bey can't destroy it in a day it will last you. The rest of your life. I just got two of the Schrade knives he posted about and they are good to go. I just go threw giving them a workout with rich light pine. They survived in great shape still shave.
  5. The Man Cave

    Thanks now let me dig out my tin cup
  6. The Man Cave

    Hello and where is the Coffee. :angel:
  7. Hello from Texas

    Creamer and sugar in Coffee That is sacrilege
  8. Hello from Texas

    You never know. What is going on with a old pilot.
  9. Hello from Texas

    Thanks everyone for the welcome.
  10. Hello from Texas

    Hello Bry glad to be and O no tea an crumpets Good Hate the stuff. give me a good cup of joe black as the night and strong as a witches breath.
  11. Hello from Texas

    Hello blacksmith Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be hear after looking around I may have found a new home.
  12. Bear Grylls

    Looks like we are of the same mine on this milksop
  13. Hello from Texas

    Hello Swede glad to be hear
  14. Hello from Texas

    Hello from Texas I am a Crazy Pilot from southeast Texas I am into Airplanes, Fastcars, Guns. Knives, Hunting, Fishing. Bushcraft, Camping, and Ham Radio. Fine food. Just call me traderran or whatever as long as it is in time for Dinner