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  1. Farmagedon 2014!

    Sure.... just tease me.... I see how you all are.....
  2. Campfire Talk

    8000+ posts in the campfire.... I can remember when it was under 20..... Lots of reading to catch up on me thinks..... Time to make the coffee....
  3. My Current PSK

    LOL actually ther Coffee filters are for filtering water. Not making coffee, I carry coffee singles for that, and they burn well after being used.
  4. A New Firekit Knife

    Nice Brian and Bryan
  5. My Current PSK

    Holy Leaves Batman, I forgot the TP! LOL. Your right thou, I have some in my Bob, diaper wipes in a travel pack, but none in my kit! Would have been really crappy to need it and not have it, thanks for the suggestion. Never tried to burn one of my filters. I do have coffee singles in the food kit, the filters are strictly for the water purification, thou I boil the water too.
  6. My Current PSK

    Hi Kim, Thanks! It has been a long road getting it to the point it is today. Well when I started on my BOB/PSK, I didnt have a lot of what is in it today. Mine, like most peoples, changed over times as I saw a need for a different or new item. LOST and many others here have written excellent articles on their kits, which helped me a great deal. Take a few minutes, and list out all your items, and break them into groups, then post them here, I am sure everyone will be happy to help with suggestions and comments. Most of all, cover the basics, then add to as needed. No rush. MrC
  7. My Current PSK

    Sorry not on the list... but ya gooda figure being MrCoffee and allll.....
  8. My Current PSK

    Thanks guys. I do have 3 heavy duty contractor trash bags I carry in there. But a great suggestion. The patches are from Rat Cutlery, the ant is their Izula symbol for the Izula knife, and the ESEE patches is for the RC-5. I tend to like to switch the patches on the pack around or completely remove them if I am out on ARES/CERT, so they are all velcro.
  9. Ok, well it's been a while since I posted, and I wanted to get back into checking in now and again. Been kind of a strange year for me. Anyways, as I have posted before, I tend to have a kit on hand just about anywhere I go. I keep my main PSK in my truck, because I have a smaller one in my desk draw here at work. This isn't a BOB, but more of a Get home bag, that doubles as my ARES/CERT go kit. Suggestions and comment more then welcomed, I am always looking to improve my gear! Here goes: I looked at a number of carry all bags, and settled on the Maxpedition Typhoon, liking the monostrap style more then a backpack style. The Rat blades shown in the pictures stay out of sight unless I am off pavement. The izula is on my strap, and the RC-3p rides on the side. Sorry for the crappy photos, my digital camera has devoloped issues. Communication Group: Yaesu FT-60R dual band transciever/weather radio CountyComm SW reciever Cordage Group 100ft ACU 550 Paracord 100ft DayGlo orange Paracord 50ft 330 climbing cord Medical Group 100+/- assorted Band Aids 50 Assorted Waterproof band aids 100 Alcohol Wipes 5 Surgical Masks 5 N95 Masks 5 N100 Masks 10 CPR breathing Masks 50 3X3 Bandages 10 5X5 Bandages 2 Rolls of tape 5 Pairs of Gloves Trauma Shears Hand lotion/santizer 1 roll of guaze non sterile 1 roll of gauze sterile Note: My medical supplies normally have several large bandages, a trauma bandage/pressure bandages, and a trauma torniquet but I assisted at a accident this past weekend and haven't restocked those items. Medication Group Tylenol Advil Tums/Rolaids Amodium-D Benadryl NeoSporan Food Group 6 Mainstay Emergency Water Packs 1 Package of Mainstay Lifeboat Ratios 10 Slim Jims Lifesavers 4 Snack Bars 4 Instant Oatmeal 3 Can chicken Fire Group Matches (in 2 Match cases) 2 Firesteel w/ Gossman Striker 2 Bic Lighters Magnesium Bar Light Group Victorinox AA LED Flashlight River Rock AA LED Flashlight Pentagon AA Molle Flashlight 6 GloSticks Shealter Group 4 Emergency Blankets 2 Trash bags Poncho Water Group 1.8 Liter Hydro Bag 1 St Canteen w/cup 25 Iodine Tablets Signal Group 2 Victorinox Mirrors 2 Whistles Navigation Group Compass Whistle Compass Combo Whistle Compass Match case combo Knife Group RC-3p RC Izula Gossman PSK in pocket sheath with firesteel Gossman Striker KaBar Warthog Sak Woodsman SAK Fireman SAK Atlas SOG Multitool SwissCard Gerber Folding Saw Misc Group ACU Banada 10X Monicul Spare Glasses Spare Sunglasses AA Battery holder Tin PSK with fishing gear CountyComms Pry Bar CountyComms mini pry bar Maxipedition Wallet with $20 + Visa Card Pock it sheather 2 Sporks 1 Zebra F-701 pen RAT Survival Card Compaq 1710 PDA Red Cross/CERT/ARES Identification Watch ARES/CERT Frequency list (also on PDA) P38 opener Leather gloves Bug spray (Deet) notepad Sometimes I will swap out one or more of the SAKS for a different model, such as replacing the woodsman for a GAK. The medical group tends to be a bit heavy. Winter I add sock liners, and thermals. While it looks like a lot, having carried it many miles, it rides very comfortably, and after the first half mile or so, I hardly notice its there.
  10. Survival Vest

    I posted an artcile from a guy who based his vest on a filson wool vest, and it was a very very complete setup, surprised me how well it wore. I have a photographers vest I could use, but I do not like the overall bulk of it... The orginial site I got it from is pretty much down, but the archive site is still operational. http://outdoors.magazine.free.fr/spip.php?article171&var_recherche=Vest&var_recherche=Vest http://outdoors.magazine.free.fr/spip.php?article172&var_recherche=Vest&var_recherche=Vest Good read, both parts one and two..
  11. More Bad News

    Hey Swede, Sorry to hear of your losses, and my thoughts and those of my family are with ya. MrC
  12. Heard any good ones lately

  13. Lovely apartment Holly..... I hope all works out for ya to get it.
  14. 2009 H1N1

    Good info. Here is a worldmap of the outbreak so far, thou it isnt updated as often as it should be. But pretty accurate. http://healthmap.org/swineflu I actually saw someone wearing a N95 Mask driving to work today, which thru me for a loop (to say the least). She (i think) was a car with Mass plates that I passed. Have to go to a Family Support Conference this weekend, and I guess I am not the only one on edge about being around a large group of people because the state sent out a memo to us all that basically said "if you have flu like symptoms, stay home". I wouldnt go but it is part of Daniels funding for aid, so I really have no choice.
  15. 2009 H1N1

    Well this seems to be the real deal. Watching the reports carefully, reminding the kids about washing their hands, etc.