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  1. What I should use.

    One more thing,i learn archery.That should help some bit.
  2. What I should use.

    Actually,I am extremely interested and i am not even sure if I will be abke to hunt.First thing is that my country do not allow guns,so the course you mentioned is impossible.Second,I would want to hunt for trophies and maybe alaska? Another thing,if i were to immigrate,will i be allowed for the license? And if no,continue reply.At least i get to find out new things without even trying!
  3. What I should use.

    I have 0 experience in guns nor hunting but is interested in it.I'm thinking what kind of guns i should actually use. Since I have no experience,help will come from handgun to rifles to shotguns,deer hunting wolf hunting bear hunting... And i really want to know what is really important,like accuracy or speed...Thanks