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  1. Eye injuries

    I wear glasses now but I had to loose a eye before I wised up. I was just driving a nail when the head flew off the nail and went through my master eye. Oh well, it goes good with my one good lung, one good shoulder and one good foot. wacky078.gif
  2. Great idea to add the injury scenario because so many times, it is a injury that causes the survival situation. Many have a good pack and quite a bit of gear but, can you use it with one hand? One foot? Next time you go out, tie an arm behind you or cover one or both eyes, Now where do you stand. Good practice and this thinking practice is good.
  3. Hello from ND

    Brian. till working on that.
  4. Hello from ND

    Hey Brian, we need to talk about another knife.
  5. Hello from ND

    Thanks, I will do what I can. wacky078.gif
  6. Pocket Knife Owners Beware!!

    Why do they never want to ban picks and shovels, I could get behind that
  7. Hoarding is going on big time, gun owners and shooters are our own worse enemy. This administration will go after guns as soon as they have everything else, which they are working hard at. Control The banks, The auto industry and the health care industry and what's left?
  8. Hello from ND

    Thanks for the welcome folks. Minot gives a new meaning to the word COLD, For the US Air Force guys it was akin to the Russian front. I have been to Canada 28 times fishing and Bear hunting, Love the folks up there, they have treated us very, very well. Like Canada, we fish mostly Walleye and Northern although perch and crappie are sought after too Bass don't get very big up here, the state record is about eight lbs. To cold. I love catfishing as well. Have a great day folks..
  9. Hello from ND

    Just came over from the Blade forums, look forward to sharing idea's and experiences with everyone here.I am retire from the Navy, Construction, hunting and fishing guide work and just about everything else. I really enjoy hunting, fishing and camping, No more back packing since a major footinjury but still get around pretty good. Hello to all.