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  1. Campfire Talk

    Just a quick hello to all. Been away and just checking back in.
  2. Homemade Harpoon, Pics inside!

    Have seen some very rusted drill bits like that at Thrift Stores and always passed them up. Now that you have inspired me I will probably never see another. Thanks for the idea and the pics, Good Work.
  3. Well done on the video, and thanks to Muddy Pete for the heads up on the rat traps. I have never seen them at my dollar store but will keep an eye open from now on.
  4. Campfire Talk

    Sorry to hear about your brother Watcher. Can you get him out into the sunlight, away from the TV, for a few minutes a day? Might help. Glad to hear you are OK after the tornadoes taken. We are reading about them out here in CA and hoping they will not return. Good Luck.
  5. Campfire Talk

    Taken, please look into a firearms safety class before you load and fire any weapon you purchase. If you have already, please ignore this post. Stay safe and be happy.
  6. WILDSURVIVE @ The Movies

    One that I hope to see is the newest remake of the Sci Fi classic "The Thing". I understand it is a prequal to the John Carpenter version. Perhaps we will finally be told why scientists in Antarctica are running around with flame throwers.
  7. Who needs magnesium? Bah Humbug!

    Friend of mine tried to use a Doans magnesium bar once while we waited in the night for helo pickup. End result flashs from the striker degraded our night vision and the danged magnesium would not light no matter what. Thanks for the post on the waxed jute.
  8. You can make a compass by rubbing a sewing needle in your hair and then floating it on a leaf in a bowl of water. So I loose my compass but manage to keep my sewing kit and a wooden bowl? What if you have oiley hair will the needle point towards a gas station?
  9. Tanning hides

    I had heard of the "smoking" of hides before. Does it really make the hide waterproof? Is brain tanning the method most used by people that have no access to large quantities of salt? Thanks.
  10. Swede, I hope you have applied for a concealed carry weapons permit. If you have already received one, and chosen your pistol, find a defensive weapons course near you and get some training. Most local rifle ranges can set you up with info and references. I hope you never have to use that weapon. Good Luck.
  11. bug out bag

    I have to admit, as I get older, I like a few comfort items. Pick up a ground mat/pad for each family member. A full length ensolite style pad will save you from a very sore back in the morning. Blankets, preferably wool. They take up space and are heavey but they make a big difference on even a cool night after a stressful day. Baby wipes can make a real difference when nerves are a little frayed. Being able to wipe off and freshen up can be a real help. Cheap LED flashlights are essential. Candles, only if they can be used safely. Garbage bags, the big heavey ones. Many uses, including toilet bucket liner. Oh, yes 5 gallon buckets with lids are great multi pupose items. Believe me it is nice to be able to sit on one rather than on the ground. I have a bunch of the square cat litter ones free from a friend. Plastic tarp is all well and good but you will need something to secure it. Clothes Pins. Para Cord. Safety Pins. Needle and thread. Extra Socks! Just imagiine camping in the rain with a leakey tent and start planning from there. Good Luck.
  12. Canvas and Other Tarp Comparisons

    Reading all this I wonder if you could use your tarp as your backpack? If you aren't following my meaning just google "blanket pack". It is a way to fold a large wool blanket around your gear and then tie it to yourself like a backpack. Would a simple backpack frame make a good base for this? Might be the way to justify the extra weight of that canvas tarp.
  13. My favorite line is "Tell someone where you are going." So if you get lost somebody will magically know this? You should tell someone when you expect to get back and from where. Oh, and make sure you tell somebody who doesn't get arrested on a regular basis.
  14. Does anyone remember a Learning Channel special about how some people survived accidents and disasters while others did not? One instance was a woman trapped on a sinking ferry boat. She had opened the life jacket locker and was handing them out to other passengers when the boat capsized and she was washed into the back of the locker and held there by the force of the water. Others might have panicked but she kept cool and kept fighting against the current, debris and darkness to finally claw her way back to the surface. She survived because she had that extra spark of desire to simply not let these circumstances be her undoing. At least that is the main thrust of this particular TV special. I think that if you are just plain pissed off at the prospect of untimely death you will notch your efforts into overdrive and, hopefully, training or instinct will guide your efforts towards success.
  15. Thanks for the reminder Machine, I have a book of Edible North American Plants that belongs in my BOB. Not on my bookshelf.