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  1. hello fire kid!! well im glad you are here,,, i always enjoyed talking to you,, your one of the good ones,,, a good "youth"... im glad you stayed with the outdoor training,, id be very pleased if you would catch me up on what you have been doing and learning,, perhaps, we all here could share this experience.. as for myself,, really nothing new,,,,kind of boreing really!! im..............still working,, teaching ,, researching, scouting,, learning,, trying,, and developing,,, besides this,, im in the bush alot,, exploring some new places for "training"....working ideas and setting up a tracking program i developed for some "special" people.... im glad your hear my friend,,, bow......... :arigato:
  2. hello everyone,, thanks for the "hellos" .......greatly appreciated... bow
  3. traditional arrow making

  4. hello everyone,,, i always enjoy working with and enjoy the company of good quality people.. with my training i always try and "walk" people through the bush learning process of living real skills and seeing what really works in the bush and what should stay at home.. so, when you really need bush skills you can go right to what works,, and forget the rest.kind of prioritize them of sorts.. my focus is always about "you'' at first,, i analys people and there skill levels then develop with in them the skills they "really need".. with the groups so far i want to work on teaching them skills learnt from my time in the bush as well as, show them how to "really live in the bush".. all the while teaching them to focus on what " they can actually do' as opposed to "what they have read " and think they can do.. once this is done and they are "safe"out there,, ,from this base line,, ill take them on a special journey,,,, unlike no other.... but, i could be wrong.....bow :arigato:
  5. Knife and Stone fire starting

    hi every one,, wow! im seeing alot of my works on here,,,, every one you are really too kind,,, thanks for all your hard work to recognise my time in the bush.... "ALWAYS" remember , its not about one person,, its about all of us,,, learning,, living and seeking to learn.... Thank you,,,bow :arigato:
  6. Fire pouches

    hello every one,, i have seen ricks work first hand,,, and i have some of his work now as my own working bush tools.. personally, i can say with all honesty, he does really really good work,,, if you want some robust bush tools that actually work,,, take full advantage of rick,,,,, but, i could be wrong!! bow
  7. hi all,, im finally back here again,,, "survivor kid"...... ill be waiting right here when you think your ready my friend.. just a short note,, for the training,, i have decided as rick already mentioned to open this up for 20 new people for the next four years,. what i have found over the years is that alot of people study "survival" as we know it,, but when it comes to actually living it in the bush in all four seasons we always fall short on real skills. i have seen this time and time again,, from kids to special forces troops i have trained.. i felt that teaching people to "live" the experience and learn the skills this way is a much greater way to actually "learn the skills"... once they are capable of "living in the bush" and "really surviving". on there own.. then i will take them deeper into the bush,, all the while using less of mans gear and learning more skills from the bush.. this is done with me one on one.. so, i offer this to all,,,,,,,,,,,, after this four year segment , i will once again return to my research back in the bush ,,,as there is so much i have left to do.. take care...........bow happy070.gif
  9. hi adi,,,, some notes on the last train of thought,,,that youd understand,, and it might add more to what i am trying to convey for "you" here.. placement is everything as is day light and darkness,,,, timing is efverything,, ,, ideas like tiredness and the areas of slinging things when you should be at the "ready" are also ideas i use on the unaware! when they dream happy thoughts,,, the world around them might be a disaster!! "he who walks backwards and trusts the shadows knows, the bush as well as a small animal" thought you might enjoy some of these "half' answers that i know you know the other halfs... also, i understand that "seeing" can be seen,, however,, sometimes we dont see what is really there,, as we never have learnt what is to be seen... bow :arigato:
  10. adi you are the man!! outstanding! did you learn that when you were in the service? bow
  11. Hi every one,,, i finally got in here,,, how is everyone doing? bow happy070.gif
  12. adi my friend i must say,, you one funny guy,,, i have got to get together with you my friend...lol bear bells? 44 magnums? spray? :woot: you guys are making me nervous about going into the bush,,,, i sat with a bear one time, and learned many things from him,, even what season to eat and make clover tea,, it was a good learning time,, i watched him show me, how to pick the plant, and how methodical and sensitive he could be with this little plant,,this one lesson i shall never forget,,,,i learnt alot of ideas and lessons from bears,,, i was really amazed,, being a guy who use to guide for bears,, now,,,,,,,,i prefer to make them my friends!! incidentally,,does anyone,, ,know when clover tea time is? i think its may,,,,but, i could be wrong!
  13. Today's Hike

  14. hi! i might add to this topic,,, i have used pulleys and fulcrums many times over my life for many application,, when i was mountain rescue intructor, i use to rig highlines off the second highest bridge in the world..( my first life)... now , with the bush,, i use,, fulcrums and pulleys, for many applications as well as with some of my " tricks" with my bush beds,,,, i use to make "bows bush beds" and elevate them high in coniferous trees to shield there view from below and, hide the fact i was even there...great for many anti tracking tricks,, not only for sight tricks, but for scenting tricks too,,,, i always say,, "just because you dont see them,,, dont think they are not there"..... the pulleys and fulcriums of course were handy for this purpose,,, to enter and leave this unit ,,, and,,,, "many more tricks" i have developed with in the bush,,,during my research and travelling,,, there,,now you have another trick from my works that "no one else has''......................... :arigato: ,,,,, but, ,this forum now does... so, i hope this answers one of your questions and,,,, has adi now ,,,thinking of some more!!! :thumbsup: your welcome,,,,bow
  15. My gear tell me what im missing

    hello survivor kid.... sounds like you have alot of gear there and some good advice for packing it,,, did you remember to bring a "friend"? "one who goes to the bush alone to learn, ,will learn a little,, however,,,,,,,,, one who brings a friend learns alot!" ................bow 2006 bow