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  1. Grizzly Man

    What happened in the last season when he was there was that he stayed past his usual season. The seasonal bears he knew went into early hibernation and other stranger bears came in. The seasonal bears had set eatting patterns, sedge grass, clams, and salmon. Other foods were not on their agenda. The stranger bears did not have this same seasonal agenda and Tim was on the menu. In the bear attack Tim was the first one attacked and told his girl friend to run away repeatedly. And from the girls diaries, it appears that she knew the risks. Everyone wants women in the military till they get captured tortured and raped, and the public gets outraged. Then the military is the bad guy for letting it happen, even though they didn't want to put women in that position. If you want gender equality you have to accept the consequences and benefits of equality, and not just the benefits. I do not baby people on the choices they make,Tim paid the price for his choices and so did his girlfriend. At the same time i recognize the skill Tim had with bears. You really have to think about it. 12 years in bear country where most people wouldn't last a day doing what he did. That by itself is impressive by any standard because he has created that standard. No one else has come even close to what he accomplished. Anyone studying grizzly psychology will study Timothy Treadwell.
  2. New email from Bow

    Could you get Bow to get Hawk to say on the show "I'm Batman!"
  3. I'd thought I would post this film for anyone who has not seen it yet. Despite what you might think of him, he was a master of his craft. You do not make it 12 years living in grizzly bears faces without being a master of grizzly bear psychology. Before grizzly bears he was an alcoholic that was going no where. I believe that without the grizzly bears he would have never known happiness. I do think something as simple as pepper spray would have saved him, but he did make his choice and he paid the consequences for his actions. http://stagevu.com/video/wtshkuzzsfrn
  4. The Second Season of the Colony begins the July 27th. This time its in New Orleans in an area devestated by Katrina.
  5. Again i believe thats another quote you have wrong. "Its feed a cold, starve cancer."
  6. I've heard both sides of drinking urin. They say it can help you live longer without water and that it can increase dehydration and die faster. I'll go with the explaination that gives me an excuse to not drink urin till proven otherwise.
  7. Heard any good ones lately

    Proves that intelligence is not required for running for office. I hope Guam doesn't tip over 3-25-2010_Hank_Johnson_Guam_Tip_Over.wmv Arizona borders Mexico County Supervisor Who Supports Boycott Doesn't Know Arizona Borders Mexico Wow we got 8 more states in America happy097.gif wacky078.gif taunt12.gif love072.gif doh.gif :rofl:
  8. It's red on yellow kills a fellow, red on black venom lack.
  9. What wilderness survival tip have you heard so many times that you are sick of hearing it. For me its Birch bark. The Birch bark burns! The Birch bark burns! THE GD BIRCH BARK BURNS!!!
  10. Heard any good ones lately

    What do you get when you mix a rabbit and a cat? Cat gets RAPED by a rabbit ! http://www.infoaddict.com/wp-content/uploads/HLIC/img.metro.co.uk/i/pix/2009/08/superpetAP_450x300.jpg Edited to change topic title back to original state - Gandar.

    I've heard a different topic talked about on talk radio that applies here. The short of it is that no one has the right to sue the government for negligence. The topic was about border security, but equally applies here. Which goes to show that the only people that will take care of you is yourself and possibly your family(not everyone has a happy family).
  12. I think he had false expectations of what Tin Cup Lake could offer. Salmon live most of their lives in the ocean and come back to lakes to lay eggs. From what I can see on google earth, Tin Cup Lake does not connect to the ocean.
  13. another question. Is there a easy way to filter out the sugar sand after you boil it down a bit?
  14. Health Care 2010

    If you do not want to pay car insurance you have the option to never drive it on public roads or even own a car, . The Obama care is not a tax. Its telling you how to spend your money, if you do not spend your money the way the goverment tells you, you get a nice IRS penalty. At one time you had the option to pay a fire tax. If you didn't pay they would let your house burn down. In Morehead City NC, a community was purely on well water for drinking water, but the gov't forced them onto public water systems. Then the question becomes, how many small freedoms do we give up before they start taking big ones? As it stands now, if you put the left in charge you will lose freedom because they can't impliment their idology without doing so. The answer to our countries problems is a redistribution of work and power, not wealth. We currently have too few individuals doing most of the work in America. What we need to do is to get more people to do more work. Example: In corporate owned mega farm communities, the people mostly live in shanty towns with little in offered services, and are unable to support other businesses. In communities surrounded by family farms, the towns and cities are larger and more prosperous than those of the mega-farm communities, and are able to support other businesses. Franchise(individually owned) chain resturants make more people wealthy than resturant chains that are 100% corporate owned. Which will make more people prosperous, 10 logging companies in a state, or 1 mega logging company? 10 logging companies creates 10 owners, 1 mega company has only 1. Allow people to do what ever they want, just limit how much they can do, so others have more opportunity to work. As for the redistribution of power, give more power to the states and cities. Like with my previous health care solution. You can let individual cities regulate the Hospitals in their district, like they do with electric companies. They won't let the Hospitals charge to much or they will not get re-elected, and they won't let Hospitals not get paid enough or they won't have a Hospital. If you live in that city and you do not like its health-care system, you can vote at the ballot or you can vote with your feet. If the gov't runs health care theres nothing you can do but take it up the butt. Let the states completely run welfare programs. They can collect the taxes and make their own policy on how it is to be implimented. If they people don't like it they can vote new people in or move to another state. Another idea is to offer incentives for people to make co-ops(where every individual in the company owns a equal share of the company and get equal amount of profit that the compay generates). Such as free to almost free gov't loans to groups of individuals starting a business together as a co-op. On another note, the teaparty was started because a large number of people felt that they were not being represented by either party. But in the end lol, we are all just pissing in the wind on this thread. Unless we take our ideas past this board, we are all just mearly venting our frustrations on eachother.