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  1. "Survive This" link

    I think its crap that Catarina quit in episode 7 and changes here mind and comes back in episode 8 and all she does is B!%$#, cries, and complains just to quit again in the next round. If you make a tough decision ,and if it turns out to be more than you can handle, at least tough it out, hold in the emotions, till the round is over and leave with some dignity.
  2. Horses will become a normalized mode of transportation. There are just to many car engines in the world for the knowledge of combustion engines to be lost. You can create alternative fuel sources for cars, such as wood gasifier, as well as synthetic oils for lubrication. But, horses will be common place and an accepted mode of transportation.
  3. Jemarque Marquis

    I was born the jungles of France, hunted Tahitian snow leopards in New Guinea, crossed the frozen tundra of the Sahara, climbed mount Kitty Hawk, and traversed the Everglade desert. And I have come here to share my knowledge of survival with you all. Take and use my knowledge to survive in this harsh world. wacky078.gif
  4. Jemarque Marquis

    Well the suit, does what it says, it deprives your senses of stimuli. Your brain is just not used to not receiving information and will have a bad reaction to it. I do not know why we bother with less effective interrogation techniques, do this and they physically are unharmed and will do anything to get out of the suit.
  5. "Survive This" link

    Isn't much but you can watch the second episode here. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=15ZA5VBT
  6. "The Colony" update: "Comfort in Chaos" episode 3- http://www.zshare.net/video/63695516ba138d2c/
  7. Jemarque Marquis

    To be honest it was Garak that got me into survival stuff. In the DS9 series, out of all of them, Garak would be the last man standing. He didn't have psychological schemas getting in the way stopping him from surviving, and in the end he would do what ever it took to survive and to protect what and who he cared about. Other film characters with this same kind of survival mentality are Riddick and Tom Price(Survivors 2008 British TV series, Tom Price starts out as a real schmuck but develops very quickly.) From there the meditations grew into wilderness survival interest and then matured into,(the more difficult in my opinion) disaster urban survival study. I've got my degree in psychology/sociology and I know a great deal about how society changes in a mist a disaster. A perfect period to study is the fall of the roman empire and the beginning of the dark ages. This period would qualify as a post global disaster in social change. I'm learning a great deal from watching "The Colony" and "Survivors(2008)" on technological and social change. On another note I have written several papers in college on psychological persuasion in Nazi Germany and I am probably one of a few people that actually knows how to completely subjugate and break the will of a population. I also know how to make someone go completely balistically insane within 12 hours (usually takes 6 hours, depends on the mental strength of the person, probably another reason why i like Garak so much). How? you might ask, three words, Sensory Deprivation Suit. Garak survival quotes: Garak: To think, after all this time, all our lunches together you still don't trust me. There's hope for you yet, doctor. Garak: There was a moment in the fighting when he had is back to me, and he made a very tempting target. Odo: You'd shoot a man in the back? Garak: It's the safest way, isn't it? Then i said, "Oh no, I can't fight all these Klingons by myself", so I let him live. Ziyal(Garak's number one enemy's daughter! She's in love with him, and he cared for her, too): Kira and my father both told me that you used to be an agent of the Obsidian Order. That you had my grandfather tortured and killed and that you could easily kill me without a second thought. Garak: Although I seldom credit the Major or your father with being entirely trustworthy, in this case...they're both telling the truth. Ziyal : Well, what's going to happen to you? Garak: Ooh well, let me tell you a story. I once knew a Cardassian, a dashing, handsome young man with a promising career, but one day, through no fault of his own, he found himself exiled and alone with nowhere to turn. But did he give up? No. He struck upon a brilliant plan: instead of fleeing for the rest of his life he sought shelter in the one place no one expected him to go: in a stronghold of his people's most hated enemies. There, surrounded by hostile strangers, he built a life and there, against all odds, against the merciless logic of the universe itself, he thrived. Ziyal: By becoming the greatest tailor in the galaxy. Garak: And the moral of the story, my dear, is to never underestimate my gift for survival. O'Brien: You look different. Garak: How so? O'Brien: That's not the face of a tailor. Garak: I'm not a tailor. Not for the moment, anyway. Garak: That's why you came to me, isn't it, Captain? Because you knew I could do those things that you weren't capable of doing? Well, it worked.
  8. 2009 H1N1

    I think topless and in a skirt is hot but thats not what i had in mind.
  9. "Survive This" link

    If anyone has a streaming video recorder and could record these episodes and post it else where I'm sure many of us would be grateful. They are scheduled to be taken down from the site August 24th
  10. Street Fighting

    Reading your post reminded me of this scene:
  11. Street Fighting

    This is a step by step guide to what you must do when fighting a group of people. Good Luck! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ0T59qKK-s