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  1. The Man Cave

    Well... actually... That's my mother.
  2. Beware of Raccoons

    Roger that. These worms can move into your eye and EAT your retina. http://www.examiner.com/infectious-disease-in-national/iowa-man-gets-a-rare-case-of-raccoon-roundworm-the-eye-video
  3. Scrimshaw

    I gots a whole bunch of antique whale's tooth scrimshaw. They were given to me in lieu of a paycheck. Here's a coupla of them:
  4. TOTAL news blackout. WHY??!!

    Oh... some is now getting out (and that is solely because of the alternate news channels now available <-- like Unca and others going to independent Japanese sites and spreading the word.) I reiterate (and I am sure you agree: Ten thousand times more words were plastered all over the world about a HAT. Ten thousand times more words about Weiner's weiner... than Fukushima and Nebraska combined and then doubled. Right? And PLEASE, friends... I've ALREADY pointed out that Fubar didn't "order" anyone to blackout this earthshaking news. The MSM VOLUNTEERED TO DO IT TO CONTINUE TO LOCKSTEP SUPPORT HIM. See the diff? Here's what I already clearly stated (cut and paste): "Obama does not "order" it. Doesn't have to. The MSM is wired to him. THEY, the MSM, will minimize/eliminate/elide/ignore a hotbox button as bad as dangerous nuclear reactors for him to have to handle. If THEY bury it (with a wink, wink, nod, nod from Oboy) he does not have to POLITICALLY face it. " If you want to be grabbed up and absolutely blown-away-fascinated, you gotta see this Japanese short made way back in 1990. It is incredible. Dreams - "Mount Fuji in Red" (1990) Nuclear Disaster in Japan - Hollywood Prediction or NWO?
  5. TOTAL news blackout. WHY??!!

    Here is a really informative link. Arnie is a brilliant atomic scientist: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSvvmrB7qEg?version=3" Regarding Nebraska: I LOVE his comment that "sandbags and nuclear reactors should never be used in the same sentence."
  6. TOTAL news blackout. WHY??!!

    AHA... Here I think I just tumbled on your hesitation. Obama does not "order" it. Doesn't have to. The MSM is wired to him. THEY, the MSM, will minimize/eliminate/elide/ignore a hotbox button as bad as dangerous nuclear reactors for him to have to handle. If THEY bury it (with a wink, wink, nod, nod from Oboy) he does not have to POLITICALLY face it. LATE EDIT: Doggone it... I keep on coming up with more "clinchers". All right. Tokyo is now under a radioactive cloud. SEVENTEEN Manhattans have been made devoid of humanity... And you never knew it. WTF kind of news reporting is that???!!! Did you ever hear of a Koran that got put in a toilet? YOU DID? Oh. Then (if I am seeing something behind every tree) please tell me how you knew about a single Koran... but never heard of the radioactive destruction of the country of Japan? BLACKOUT. Wait one damn' more. "If It Bleeds, It Leads!" YOWZA, Swede: Tell me... didja hear about a guy named Wiener? More important to life on earth than three exploding nuclear reactors, right?
  7. TOTAL news blackout. WHY??!!

    Odd... you were aware of the fact there was a biiig wedding in England recently. Check. You are even now aware of the shape of one of the hats the bridesmaid wore. Check. You are NOT aware that on June 9, there was a Cat 4 failure at the Neb nuke site that knocked out the cooling water. I'll BET you are not aware ('cause I haven't told you yet) that as of the wee hours of this morning @ 1AM, another step up on the International Atomic Energy Agency scale of Neb nuke problems has been reached (due to rising water). It is called "Notification of Unusual Event". Not in the news. You WERE not aware (despite the promise by Obama that he would keep Americans right up to date about Japan) that the Japanese had actually ABANDONED WORK yesterday because of a sudden radioactive burst, or that the Dead Zone was now 17 times the size of Manhattan. And you would NOT be aware of this if Unca had not "gone around" the MSM and gotten to the Japanese sites. So add it up: 1000 stories about a hideous pink hat VERSUS zero about Japan, and none about Nebraska until the Russians blew the whistle on the coverup. If I am able to find something behind every tree, that would mean the opposite (you, so far) could not find a jail cell from the inside. Like I said: WHAT YOU KNOW (the hat) versus WHAT YOU NEVER HEARD FROM THE MSM... Proves the statement: Blackout. But (hands held up) don't shoot the messenger; it was the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Federal Atomic Energy Agency that called out "blackout".
  8. TOTAL news blackout. WHY??!!

    Swede... You ready? It gets even WORSE. The HNIC has been outed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The fargin RUSSIANS spilled the beans. Did you know the Nebraska Nuke Plant just had a Category 4? And that it is in DESPERATE trouble? (Getting flooded as you read this.) Don't take my word for it... here is the skinny: Our groid-in-charge has ordered a TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT about the Nebraska reactor that is in deep doo-doo: http://nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-n...r-Plant-report <-- Click it and look at the picture! Never mind, here it is. Anyone see a teeny tiny prob? That ain't JAPAN... that is NEBRASKA!!!!!!!!!! censored.gif "A shocking report prepared by Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) on information provided to them by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that the Obama regime has ordered a “total and complete” news blackout relating to any information regarding the near catastrophic meltdown of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant located in Nebraska." Don't we all feel better now? All joking aside, folks... this crap truly SUCKS. LATE EDIT ADD: Does anyone but me see the GALACTIC irony of the total switcheroo? That is, the AMERICAN sources are lying/covering up, and the fargin RUSSIAN sources are giving the truth. That ain't the way it was when I was a kid... This is not the country I fought and bled for.
  9. TOTAL news blackout. WHY??!!

    I bet not one in a hundred Americans is aware that the Fukushima Nuke disaster is still out of control. And getting worse. Tepco wants to abandon all efforts and just get the hell outa Dodge. Meanwhile the boron (that slows the reactions) is almost used up. No more than 35 days left before it becomes ineffective, and the containment will be breached (READ: poisonous radiation in the water table.) Meanwhile, the Dead Zone has grown to an area 17 times the size of Manhattan. This is not newsworthy, is it. Today's banner headline is about Palm Beach rich folks who use too much water on their lawns! Back to Japan: Tokyo now has radiation levels above safe level, and it is climbing. Japan itself is nearly cut in two with the Dead Zone. BTW: It will be DECADES (at best) before anyone can live there. Here is a map produced by the Japs showing TODAY'S STATUS: For those of you who don't know where Tokyo is on that map. Go south to the TWO HUNDRED KILOMETER circle. See that yellow concentration of radiation. Yup. Downtown Tokyo. Getting worse by the hour, and about to get worse by an order of magnitude. So WTF is WRONG with the MSM??????? censored.gif
  10. Cuttin' up the Bluegrass!

    Here is one more YouTube. I'm posting it 'cause it shows the three instruments we were using: Banjo, bull fiddle/cello, and spoons. Get two minutes in, and I guarantee you will be toe-tappin'... There is just sumpin' about impromptu bluegrass with this combo that breaks down all barriers. Normally sedate people will start shoutin', grinnin', and dancin'. cool14.gif :grin: :hugegrin:
  11. Cuttin' up the Bluegrass!

    One mo' thang... To play the spoons, you gotta sit. Then, put them back-to-back with on fingie twixt them on the handles. Drop them to your knee and instantly bring them back up to be tapped by your other hand. You can get a surprising scale of sounds from spoons. You might think they would only have one note, but this just ain't true. Sounds easy, and it is, but to get REALLY good... ya gotta practice with either a banjo or a guitar as the baseline. And I will give a dollar to the first person that can watch this YouTube WITHOUT tapping their feet! B) :thumbsup: :dj: The guy with the guitar is OK... but if he had a banjo, there'd be people shouting for happy.
  12. Cuttin' up the Bluegrass!

    You kin get the whole idea on how to build (and play) the cello from those pics. Broom handle with hole drilled through on top for the heavy string to go through. String is gripped with same hand that holds the broom handle. Open end of the broom handle rests in the lip of the tub. Moving your grip up and down the string/handle changes tone. Tensioning tighter/looser (by pulling back on the string/handle changes volume (and the volume is surprisingly loud). Keep yer foot on the tub or nuthin happens at all. Fun, and easypeasy to make.
  13. Salt Water Fishing

    Use pinfish. It is a sorta standard for that kind of fishing. You go out early with two kinds of rods. One of the five-dollar kind (super light, sunfish hook, split shot). Catch a buncha pinfish (little grunts, yadayada). THEN go to your fishin' spot, use the "real" rod, and hook the pinfish through the back meat. Little bitsy fish will not touch your bait, but the big fish will tear hell outa it.
  14. The Man Cave

    Dang. I am feeling so sad. One of the peacocks I have watched growing up from being a tiny little yellow fluffy baby came limp-hopping out of the woods today. With a broken leg. There is nothing I can do. Damn.
  15. A true oddity. My first koan.

    Oh yowza. On its way!