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  1. Or something similar?I'm thinking of putting one together and I'm trying to find what stuff to put in it.I have a general idea but can't think of anything for shelter.Garbage bags are to big.Any ideas?
  2. Anyone else watch it?Great show lotsa good info,wish it was a weekly show but it appears to be a one time deal.
  3. It's not perfect,but not bad for my first try.I had the perfect stick and cut it to short .Oh well practice makes perfect.My son already wants me to help him make one.Looks like we'll be findin some sticks this weekend.I didn't think to take pics from the start but here's what pics I took.
  4. When I was 19 or 20 I wrecked my 3 wheeler goin down a hill and screwed my shoulder up.Had to ride the 3 wheeler out of the woods (at least a mile or 2) with my shoulder in severe pain.Glad I was with my brother or I might still be layin there.
  5. And how do you carry it?All in one hank or several smaller hanks?
  6. Channel Lock Rescue Tool 89

    Very cool!I was born in the town where Channellocks are made.Here is a link with a video of all the uses. http://www.thefirestore.com/store/product.cfm/pid_6553_channellock_the_new_89_rescue_tool_with_cable_cutter/
  7. Campfire Talk

    Just try not to abuse it like Bryan did
  8. Campfire Talk

    Morning all.It sure has been some wierd weather here in Indiana the last 2 days.Last night about 8 it was almost blizzard conditions,then by 11 it was raining and the snow was melting.Today is supposed to snow a little with 50 mph winds,then hi of 18 tommorrow.
  9. Winter Camping

    Great info!We love winter camping with the boy scouts!I'm gonna add something I've learned along the way.Alwyays put on dry clothes when you go to bed at night if possible.No matter how warm your sleeping bag is,if you're wet when you get in it you'll be cold in the middle of the night.(Don't ask me how I know:) )
  10. T shirt Pics

    Here are a couple pics of me in my shirt.It was only about 35 out so I only took 2.Hope I don't break any computer screens .
  11. first tent

    Any pics yet?What brand name tent is it?
  12. Made my own walkin stick last weekend.Not the best stick ever but it will work...
  13. Boy/Girl Scouts

    Kids quitting cuz they are bored is lack of leadership.How can a kid be bored in the outdoors?That's the best biggest playground ever!JMO of course but with so much to do outdoors no kid should ever be bored.
  14. Hello from Indiana

    Looking forward to using the good advice here.May even throw my 2 cents in every once in a while
  15. Boy/Girl Scouts

    Son Bobby is a Boy Scout started in Cub Scouts as a Tiger.I have been a leader since the year he was a Wolf.He is now a second class on his way to Eagle.
  16. Bush Boy's Training

    Great job!I have an 11 year old that is a Boy Scout and he is doing really well.I think it's important that we teach our kids these skills,plus it fun for us too! :grin:
  17. Hello from Indiana

    I have an 11 year old son thats a Boy Scout.He's working on his outdoor survival merit badge.I searched debris survival shelter and this site was one that came up.I'm 45 and was never a Scout but wished I would have been.I'm the asst scout masterand I'm gonna try to build my own debri shelter and sleep out next weekend at his campout by myself.My fire making skills are strong my navigation skills are not.I like huntin,fishin,archery,shootin,and if ya couldn't guess...knives :)All aspects of survival interst me but as I said I'm better at some than others so I figured this woukd be a good place to learn.I will post some pics after next weekend of my adventures so wish me luck.
  18. 550 paracord.As previously stated it has alot more uses.I bought 500 ft from Cheaperthandirt and put some in all my packs.