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  1. yea the title is dangerous.......... happy114.gif but it needs to be said. All too often people get caught up (especially on the WWW) in how much training and skills and tools and knives and gear they have, and criticize those who have less training than them. In real life however its not so simple. Many times people with ZERO training have survived in the woods, and many times those with much training have not. Survival is NOT A PISSING contest! its all about HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO LIVE. people can surprise you................. nuff said.
  2. recycled maglite

    Scrapyard Scrapper 6
  3. recycled maglite

    ^ sorry Gandar, my GF had the camera while i was at the old mans shop. It was pretty basic lathing though, i used a carbide cutter and just shapped the plugs, then cut off the plug from the rod stock and finished it up. more pics: here it is set up as a fire kit: lid stuffed with dental cottons (tinder) another dental cotton, matches, fatwood, firesteel scraper inside the maglite tube
  4. recycled maglite

    here ya go, a 3D cell model. I call it FAT BOYS MOMMA
  5. Lathed an end plug today for an old 2C cell maglite body i had laying around (so many bodies under the shed :eek: ). The aluminum end cap is press fit and expoxied into the cut down maglite body. This will be a fire kit, complete with tinder, firesteel, fatwood and PJCB. But for now it holds matches and cotton balls. A waterproof, nukeproof, crushproof firekit (or survival kit or whatever) shown beside a spyderco Delica combo edge: FAT BOY approx specs: 5" long x 1" wide. Usable space inside is about 4.25" long x just under 1" wide. With Redbird matches in there, there is 1.5" of space left over for cotton balls, jute etc
  6. Safety Alert!

    Adi, it is called the Scotty whistle, made by Perry Co. The tone itself is pleasing, reminds me of the ol English bobbies tooting their whistles. But it simply does not carry in the woods (in my area, YMMV) like a Fox 40 or Storm. interesting article, thanks for the link
  7. Safety Alert!

    yes, it has since been replaced by my Fox40. Adi, try using the whistle i warned about in dense forest, or in areas of high noise (marine environment, industrial areas etc). Low frequency whistles that do not carry more than 20 feet are a life safety issue. There is a reason rescue whistles are extremely high pitched.
  8. from my Blog http://wildernessskillsgroup.blogspot.com/2010/01/gear-alert-product-failure-life-safety.html
  9. chest rig

    redid the rig tonight, with another pouch 5.11 chest rig REDUX! swapped out the 10.6 horizontal pouch with two 5.11 medical pouches [image]http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/Bushman5BFalbum/IMG_0737.jpg[/image] [image]http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/Bushman5BFalbum/IMG_0740.jpg[/image] [image]http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/Bushman5BFalbum/IMG_0742.jpg[/image] [image]http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/Bushman5BFalbum/IMG_0752.jpg[/image] [image]http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/Bushman5BFalbum/IMG_0753.jpg[/image] slideshow [image]http://s491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/Bushman5BFalbum/th_IMG_0739.jpg[/image]
  10. Bonfire vs Multiple Fires.

    I often camp in winter with 3 - 6 small fires all around me, evenly spaced with gaps in between. sleep in the center of the fire ring and you stay nice and warm, and bears dont feel the need to sniff yer *** . Kep of course is setting the fires with lots of large firewood before you turn in, so it burns all night. In the AM, rake the coals, put on the billy tin and brew java.
  11. chest rig

    in the white container is 2 x Surefire CR123 batts, bobbin of 30lb braid, 20 aquapu tabs, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, BIC lighter, dental cottons (tinder), jute (tinder),and a little tin of Burts Bees balm. basically all the small crap that would otherwise get lost complete list of stuff inside the chest pack: - everything listed above in the pill container - 3 chemlights, 12 hour green - DMT hone - firesteel/fatwood/scraper/jute - 30' paracord - 2 snickers bars - 1 Clif Bar - SUUNTO compass - RITR notebook/pencil - tyvek topo map - industrial drum liner, black (to absorb heat & aid SAR using infrared/thermal imagers (black plastic shows up like a beacon) - Benchmade/Snody fixed blade - whistle - Surefire G2Z-Led tan nitrolon flashlight - lanyard for SF - 2' x 2' neon green, orange, white signal panel (not included yet, still waiting for it. - Truflare bear banger launcher and cartridges
  12. chest rig

    here is my insert, made from corrugated plastic sheet, industrial velcro. Everything is velcro'ed in to prevent rattling and loss. Grimloc securing the Benchmade/Snody from releasing when i'm running. also holds the whistle the insert makes the chest rig pouch rigid and non floppy
  13. Built up another survival chest rig. This one is built from 5.11 gear chest rig panel and 10" x 6" x 3" pouch, and a Tactical Tailor Pistol tether to ensure flashlight (SUREFIRE G2Z-LED) retention. Its purpose (my purpose) is to carry the ESSENTIALS, to make said essentials READILY ACCESSIBLE, and to ensure 100% gear retention., and low profile for easy woods scrambling. Modeled by me lovely girlfriend: front view flashlight / harness detail: Benchmade/Snody ziptied to pouch. VERY accessible. map pocket , behind main frame big zipperpulls (i added these) for sure grip with thick mitts loot back view, harness side shot, rig worn low.
  14. I want to see the possum that broke an oak hiking staff! damn! :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared: we got em here (not many) and they are SMALL, housecat sized.
  15. Bonfire vs Multiple Fires.

    I've been experimenting the last year or so, (while camping) with building a fire "ring", all around me, with about 4 - 5' of distance between me and the fire. I lay logs all around before i turn in, and as they burn away i'm surrounded by heat all night, and end up being extremely warm (not to mention VERY WELL protected from animals....).