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  1. Campfire Talk

    Hey everyone, Les is doing a book signing not far from me tomorrow night... I am going down there to get him to autograph his book for my collection. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions I should ask him?
  2. Jug Sling Hitch Tutorial

    Got it... nice knot. Question... when you are holding the bottle as it is hanging there... are you holding the loop end? Its hard to tell from the pic.
  3. Email from Bow

    Thanks Swede. I'm going to send him an email and see about spring training. I am particularly interested in wild edibles in my area, as I mentioned before he is only a few hours from where I live.
  4. Pellet Gun Hunting/Targets

    I'm with SGH and Falco on this one SK A pellet gun is more apt to maim than kill a coon that can result in a slow painful death after it runs off with a pellet in him. A 410 would be a better choice. When hunting take your shot only when you are comfortable that you are in range and at a good angle. Make sure there is absolutely no room for error, and, most importantly, you have a kill shot.
  5. Campfire Talk

    where is BOW? I checked his website and that is also very very quiet. His survival training looked interesting and he lives not far from me.
  6. ID This Snake

    There are lots of Northern water snakes where I live. That does kinda look like one... here they are almost solid black once they are adults... younger ones can have some color like the one you have there...Harmless...? maybe not poisonous but they can be very aggressive and have a very nasty bite. Note" There are lots of Massasauga rattle snakes where I live... when i see them near people or populated areas I catch them and let them go near my camp. I guess I like snakes... I have had several close calls with the rattle snakes at the camp, I always carry a snake bite kit on my person while hiking and camping around here.
  7. Roping a Deer

    shooting a deer with a target arrow is not just sad... it's irresponsible.
  8. Campfire Talk

    looks like an awesome ride King... what a rush. On another note... as you all know I am new here and have been sifting through all your topics and threads... I am coming across many older threads with dead links to video or pics... this, as all you know this can be very frustrating and in many cases if you can't see it then the thread becomes somewhat fragmented and meaningless. Should I be reproting this? Do you want my help cleaning house? I can only assume you all are only looking at new stuff and don't go back unless reported.
  9. OK here is my view... as simple as it is bushcraft... bush = bush & craft = skills... therefore bushcraft is a set of skills related to the bush survival = staying alive... using any and all available skills you may posses in a given environment that may or may not include bushcraft.
  10. Our Latest Trip

    Congrats on the great trip video... looked like you all had a good time. I'll have to say... my favorite part was the first 30 seconds on part 4 with the sunrise, music, and then the trickling of the creek... very well done, I watched that part several times... again... great video.
  11. You got my vote on that hike... some of my faverate natural things to see when hiking... 1- large rocky outcrops in the bush... beautiful, 2- wild mushrooms in the forest... 3- moving water or waterfalls. excellent location there
  12. java worked thx ofg. I see the cat
  13. Paracord bracelet?

    a friend is sending me 100 feet of camo and 100 feet of the green next week, I cant wait to try this
  14. I dont see anything... will not work for me
  15. my nature hike pictures

    great pics Kim... That sure looks like a squirrel nest to me. I love that bridge, wow, looks so inviting. Nice parcel in the mail you got there.