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  1. First Time Out

    Looks like there's a good chance that I'll be bow hunting this year for the first time ever. (Deer) Never hunted before... any tips for a newbie?
  2. Was looking around t Barnes and Noble website and found a book called, "The Fighting Tomahawk". Ever heard of it?
  3. How do you hunt?

    I agree with New Zealand.
  4. How do you hunt?

    I really enjoy... practice hunting. I absolutely love tracking, stalking, archery, being a ghost through the environment. I do everything except take the shot. Usually I go out with my bow and pick up some deer tracks, follow them until I get up close, line up a clear shot, draw back my sting (arrow isn't nocked), and then move, line up another shot, and continue until the deer wanders off or gets spooked. Not really sure what style of hunting this is, because I don't hunt... but I think it's important to practice at least once a week (in case I ever needed to). Also, it's a lot of fun. Love sneaking up on people and game. (:
  5. Alright, it's official. I just finished ordering the Frontier Hawk. Super excited. What's the most interesting or creative thing you've done with your tomahawk?
  6. Yeah, I kind of wanted one with a spike.. but, again.. weight. But, I'm sure this will not be my first and last hawk. Thanks everyone for all the links and info! Anyone have some pictures of their hawks they'd want to share?
  7. Watcher, did you buy directly from Cold Steel or another site?
  8. Main reason I'm going with the frontier hawk is because it's so light. Wanna use it for training. moose0024.gif Have some martial arts training under my belt, so I kind of wanted to learn and experiment with the Tomahawk and Knife combat system. Was inspired by a movie. It has the potential to be very graceful and brutal.
  9. Not sure. Says it's Steel; Drop Forged 1055 Carbon. Not at all sure what that means. :happy: Sure is pretty though! Heh.
  10. Wondering if I should get the Cold Steel Frontier Hawk.. Anyone have any reviews that they'd want to share? This will be used more for self defense training, but also outdoorsy stuff. http://www.coldsteel.com/frontier-hawk.html
  11. Trackers PDX

    Thanks, Rock! It's a wilderness school in Portland, OR. Some really cool programs that I'm thinking about joining.
  12. primative wepones

    NW Modoc Style Hunting Bow 20" Hunting Boomerang Spear and Stones Put up pictures later.
  13. Trackers PDX

    Anyone have any reviews on Trackers PDX?
  14. Well, I live in NW Oregon... so rain is the biggest obstacle. My five usually are: Magnesium Flint Striker (Fire Starting) Metal Coffee Can w/lid (Cooking, Boiling, Storing, Water Carrying, Trapping, Etc) Belt Knife (General Use, Wood Splitting, Protection, Tool making, etc) Emergency Blanket (Rain Proof Shelter, Rain Catch, Signal, etc) Axe (Firewood, Shelter Building, Protection, etc) And my sixth is my puppy, Raiden (Comfort, and Entertainment)