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  1. Hello.

    Here are some pictures of where I live. (Not sure if I posted it right..) I'll search around my computer for some more.
  2. Campfire Talk

    I feel out of place being one of the few people wishing for snow. Although, this summer I'll be working down in South Lake Tahoe and may stay through the winter... and when that's done I may be on the same boat as you guys.
  3. Hello.

    Haha, yeah. That was a pretty funny clip. I wish I would've gone to that, I didn't even hear about him comin' out to Portland. I'll have to remember to do that next time. I'll probably re-write the article, just not today.
  4. My essentials are: Butane Lighter Magnesium Flint Striker Multi-tool 50' Paracord/similar rope Belt Knife Wool Blanket Garbage Bags(Orange or other bright color) Extra warm/waterproof clothes Folding saw and SPOT Depending on the situation or season I'll switch some things around.
  5. Hello.

    Uhm, Les Stroud making fun of Bear Grylls. =P Well.. I was going to post a topic on Parkour for the Urban survival section.. pressed the post button and it said my session time ran out or something.. that was frustrating. Had quite a bit of info. heh. :glare:
  6. Paracord bracelet?

    I made one of these last night. I make hemp bracelets all the time, I can't believe I didn't think of this. Haha. doh.gif They're really neat though. Thanks for sharing you pictures.