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  1. I really enjoy... practice hunting. I absolutely love tracking, stalking, archery, being a ghost through the environment. I do everything except take the shot. Usually I go out with my bow and pick up some deer tracks, follow them until I get up close, line up a clear shot, draw back my sting (arrow isn't nocked), and then move, line up another shot, and continue until the deer wanders off or gets spooked. Not really sure what style of hunting this is, because I don't hunt... but I think it's important to practice at least once a week (in case I ever needed to). Also, it's a lot of fun. Love sneaking up on people and game. (:

  2. Main reason I'm going with the frontier hawk is because it's so light. Wanna use it for training.  moose0024.gif

    Have some martial arts training under my belt, so I kind of wanted to learn and experiment with the Tomahawk and Knife combat system. Was inspired by a movie. It has the potential to be very graceful and brutal. :D


  3. Well, I live in NW Oregon... so rain is the biggest obstacle.

    My five usually are:


    Magnesium Flint Striker (Fire Starting)

    Metal Coffee Can w/lid (Cooking, Boiling, Storing, Water Carrying, Trapping, Etc)

    Belt Knife (General Use, Wood Splitting, Protection, Tool making, etc)

    Emergency Blanket (Rain Proof Shelter, Rain Catch, Signal, etc)

    Axe (Firewood, Shelter Building, Protection, etc)


    And my sixth is my puppy, Raiden (Comfort, and Entertainment)

  4. Also, a cheap option for minimalist/quiet footwear would be Japanese Tabi. I have tabi boots the allow for increased sensitivity and balance, also some vibrams. However, bare feet are the best shoes! ;)


    You should get a book, or watch youtube videos on how to start training barefoot, 'cause you have to start off slow.


    And.. there's really no reason behind it, but I wanna use this smiley.  moose0024.gif

  5.   My cycling is like your parkour, it looks dangerous from the outside but with over 20 years experience its about experience, skill, judgement and calculated risk. I have not driven a car in over 10 years my life is in the saddle, cranking the peddles.


    Good point.


    I haven't driven in... three month..? Somethin' like that. But mostly because I need new plates. =P

    I would love to be able to run to places instead of drive.

  6. I dunno, Jackie Chan is still pretty amazing! =]


    There are however martial art masters in their 80's that can move better then some twenty year olds.

    I think it depends on the activity you do, and the stresses it causes on the body. With proper training and condtitioning it may take away some of those stresses?