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  1. Campfire Chat

    Hi you all! look forward to chatting with you survivorgirl... and don't mind my spelling either!!
  2. Campfire Chat

    nurk found a big mushroom!! yum!!
  3. Campfire Chat

    I did have a user name for here. Since it was set up 2010 and unused since...no wonder I forgot it. Lucky my husband keeps a database.
  4. Campfire Talk

    Taken?? Nox the cat?... any possibility a SG1 fan? Just curious. I have tried saving young rabbits... No luck. :nono:
  5. Campfire Talk

    Howdy everyone. I have been a ghost - (Nurk's Wife) for years. Hope you don't mind me standing in the smoke for a bit. We seriously need to go out and cut grass, and I hate using Off. Besides, Nurk is the mosquito magnet. "I hate rabbits... I hate rabbits.... I hate rabbits!" (anyone know what that means?) Hope to see (chat) with you-all soon! Tessa
  6. nurkerool

    This is Tessa the nurker-wife....Howdy to everyone here. I have been the ghost here. I feel as if I know most of you through Nurk's stories of your exploits and challenges. I look forward to no longer being the ghost just listening. Greetings to you all! Tessa