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  1. Scatology

    Look like someone's not chewing very thoroughly.
  2. Living with Wolves

    I had an ex-girlfriend who had a full-grown wolf as a pet. He wouldn't let anyone close to him. He would only let me sit next to him on the couch and pet him. She was amazed. I told her we were both just lone wolves in a screwed-up world. She had the yard surrounded by an underground "shock" system, but he'd just run right on through it like it wasn't there. He used to bring home neighbor's cats as trophies. That's my kinda dog.
  3. Non-Canine Hiking Companions

    :thumbdown:Yeah, my ex-wife, she was non-human.
  4. Batteries

    I use AA and AAA rechargeable NiMH and NiCD batteries. I have a Power2000 Professional Digital Rapid Battery Charger that works on 110v AC and 12V DC (you can get a similar unit at WalMart for $16.00). When I'm in the woods, I always carry 8 AA and 8 AAA rechargeable batteries. I connect my 12V 5Watt Folding Solar Panel to a 12V 4Ah rechargeable battery, then recharge the AA and AAA batteries in 1 hour. The newer rechargeable batteries are now up to 2900+ mA, which last for a long time in devices. Works for me.
  5. Communications gear

    Listen up! WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever we need to do in a survival situation is proper and fit. Some sissy government rule will not be the rule of the day when the soup hits the fan, or whenever the need arises. :thumbsup:
  6. Comforts in camp

    For just plain ole camping for 7 days, I bring these: 2 alcohol stoves 2 quarts methanol Mess Kit 3 Quart cook pot 12" skillet 5# corn grits 5# beef jerky 10 packs ramen noodles Can Peanuts Tony's Creole Seasoning Utensils 20 gallons water Becker BK7 combat/utility knife Leatherman Wave 100 matches Butane lighter Game traps 4 person tent Sleeping bag Wool blanket 12'x12' heavy-duty tarp 100' 550 paracord Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss TP, PT First Aid Kit 15Watt Solar Panel w/12Volt 20AmpHour AGM Deep-Cycle Rechargeable Battery CB Radio 12Volt w/antenna (runs off solar) O2Cool 10" 12Volt Portable Fan (runs off solar) Flashlights (batteries recharge off solar) Sudoku handheld game Deck of cards
  7. :thumbup:Mooseman, good job, looks great.
  8. Can Stoves

    I made plenty of these type before, but I made a change. I prefer the type where the top section slides down inside the bottom section for added safety and more fuel. I found that if you slide the top section down over the outside of the bottom section, you have to cut slits in the bottom section, creating less room for fuel in the bottom section, and creating leaks. Reverse this, cutting clits in the top section, then sliding it down inside the bottom section, letting the bottom section be taller, therefore creating more room for fuel, and NO leaks. I also found that if you cut the top out of the top section, you can just pour fuel directly into the bottom section. This large opening makes the fuel ignite faster and makes it vaporize out of the top jets quicker, too.
  9. Good stuff...... Cheap!!!

    As with all Stainless Steel products, it's the quality and grade of the Stainless Steel that matters. For $20 retail.......$10 sale price, it's not good quality stainless, it will not hold up to the test.....it's CHEAPO! Don't waste your $10, put it towards a $60 plus tool with high grade Stainless Steel. That's what I've learned before buying the Good Stuff! All the Cheapos are lying in a box now, forgotten and unused...........worthless junk.
  10. Staying Warm

    Machine, this is what I wear: Pants - Bottom Thermal Indera Two-Layer Performance HydroPur Anti-Wick Large White Pants - Bottom Thermal Indera Dual-Face Performance HydroPur Anti-Wick Large Dark Blue Shirt - Pull-Over Indera Dual-Face Performance Thermal HydroPur Anti-Wick XL Long-sleeve Dark Blue Shirt - Pull-Over Rocky Extreme Cold Moisture Wicking Thermal XL Long-sleeve Chocolate Brown Boots - Leather Insulated Thinsulate Socks - Remington Upland Wick-A-Way Hi-Bulk Acrylic Large Socks - Hunter's Select Anti-Wick Thermal Knit Hunting Large Socks - Winchester Thermal Boot Large I found these @ WalMart in the Sportings Good section, reasonable prices. All these clothes are worn under your regular clothes, they wick away the moisture so you stay warm and do not freeze.
  11. My afore-mentioned 2 posts were for BRAVO, not MACHINE!!! My mistake, one too many beers! BRAVO, I hope that helps.
  12. Machine, maybe have a coupla beers before you start! Works for me. At Step 2, tie the twistie tie or wire to keep it from coming apart, and to keep the length correct. In Step 3, you just insert the right cord through the underside of the right loop, over the length, and down through the left loop. This will make the 1st knot. Then continue to make the 2nd knot. Then you just pull to tighten up both knots, the 1st knot first, then the 2nd knot. These 2 steps have to be repeated over and over again until you are finished. Hope this helps.
  13. Here's a fine .pdf file which shoes in detail how to weave the King Cobra weave. Good pictures. It's how I learned. After a few beers, I had it down pat. 550_cord_bracelet.pdf
  14. Lights?

    At night in camp I use a 12volt (12volt 10amp bulb) portable light with a cilgarette lighter plug and a magnetic base. I hook it up to a 12volt AGM motorcycle battery, which I charge during the day using a folding 12volt 5watt solar panel. It burns all night if needed. I also use the solar panel to charge up my Energizer AA, AAA, C, D & 9volt NiMH rechargeable batteries I use in my handheld flashlights and other devices. The folding solar panel is $41.00 at www.northerntool.com I store all this stuff in a small backpack which weighs about 10#.
  15. Can Stoves

    Machine, I drink 2 beers a day, so I make 2 alcohol can stoves each day and give them to friends, etc.... Yes, they work great! You can use one in your tent, but first put it inside an empty tuna can for added support, and not burn it down around you, just don't knock it over!!! FUELS: 1. Denatured Alcohol - this is the best fuel to use. Burns blue (can't see it in daylight), so be careful. Does not soot up your pots. Costs $6.00/quart @ WalMart. 2. HEET Gasline AntiFreeze (in the YELLOW bottle, not the RED bottle) - this is my favorite fuel to use. 100% pure methanol (ethanol from corn). Burns blue (can't see it in daylight), so be careful. Does not soot up your pots. Costs $0.98/12oz. @ WalMart. 3 of these is a quart @ $3.00. That's half the price of denatured alcohol. 3. 70% or 91% Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol - if I am desperate, I use these. 91% is better, with only 9% water, you do the math. Burns yellow in daylight (you can see it). Soots up your pots bigtime. Costs $1.00/16oz. @ WalMart. I can burn 1oz. of either of these fuels for around 20 minutes. So a 12oz or 16oz. bottle will last for awhile. I pour 1oz. of fuel into my beer can or soda can alcohol stove, then set it inside an empty 6.5oz tuna can for added safety and stability. Also, if you pour a small amount of fuel into the tuna can, then light it, it will heat up the fuel in the can stove and make it boil/vaporize and burn quicker.