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  1. Bullet Shortage!

    Yep, Warr Acres. Personally, I live about 85 miles SE of Oklahoma City. Sooners is indeed the name of the OU athletic teams, but it's also a term that applies to all Oklahomans. The folks who snuck in before the opening of the territory (the Land Rush) in 1889 were known as Sooners. My grandmother's folks came in in the early 1880s and settled near Willis, which meant they went just as far south as they could get without becoming Texicans. They were true "Sooners".
  2. Bullet Shortage!

    We're pretty gun friendly here in Sooner land.
  3. Bullet Shortage!

    The ammo shortage has eased considerably. Our local Wal Mart now has a pretty good supply of ammo most times; you simply have to check frequently to find any particular types. They usually have some 9mm in stock, and the 550 round bulk packs of .22's are in stock about half the time now, too. Rifle and shotgun ammo has been easier to find throughout the Great Shortage than has handgun ammo.
  4. The ammo shortage has eased considerably lately, and prices have even come down a bit. I was able to get some Federal 115 grain JHP +P+ 9mm from Cheaper than Dirt (of all places to get a good deal lately!) for only $19.59/box of 50 yesterday. This is great 9mm defense ammo at a super price.
  5. Jimmy Buffett Fans?

    "Buffet Hotel" is a good CD.
  6. Tonight I'm listening to....

    Johnny Paycheck's "Old Violin", which was by far his best and most powerful song (makes "Take This Job...." sound like the mere trifle it is), "Laid Back Country Picker" live by Waylon, "Beware my Love" by McCartney and Wings, and Christmas songs by Elvis.
  7. Jimmy Buffett Fans?

    Big Parrothead here. Been a Buffett fan since '85 or so (my first Buffett album was a cassette of "Last Mango in Paris", and a huge fan since I got "Live in Anguilla" a year and a half or so ago. "Take the Weather With You" is great. His new CD, "Buffet Hotel" (yes, one "t", as in "Boo Fay", not two), arrives Tuesday, Dec. 8.
  8. Preparing for pet survival.

    My only concern with that plan would be, how many table scraps are going to be available in a true emergency situation?
  9. In the latest issue of Dillion Precision's catalog, "The Blue Press", Jerry Ahern has a nice article on arming oneself for TEOTWAWKI. Typical of Ahern, it's a well written, informative piece. But I do take issue with one of the points Ahern makes in his article. When it comes to choosing a handgun, Ahern says, "In a handgun, you want a caliber you're going to readily find. Stick with something the local cops carry -- even if it's 9mm Parabellum -- and you'll have a better chance of acquiring or replenishing your handgun ammo from local shops, etc." I disagree. If the Great Ammo Scarcity of 2009 has told us anything, it's that, in an emergency situation, you're not going to be able to find ANY ammo at all. Even when all we had was fear of Congress passsing and the President signing ornerous gun ownership restrictions, any handgun ammo at all was nearly impossible to come by. Now consider how much more difficult it would be to get in a true TEO TWAWKI situation. It would not be difficult. It would be IMPOSSIBLE. In fact, the ammo that did seem to be available during the ammo shortage (which has eased up but not yet ended) was that for the more obscure calibers -- .357 SIG, .44 Magnum, and even .45 Colt. Am I saying that we need to choose those more obscure calibers so we'll be able to find ammo in an emergency situation? No. What I am saying is that it doesn't really matter which caliber you choose. In an emergency, ammo is NOT going to be available. So, whatever caliber you choose now, STOCK UP NOW. If you want a .357 SIG, fine -- just stock up on enough ammo (whatever "enough" means to you) NOW. If you want a .38 Super, also fine -- just stock up now. And if you want a 9mm, that's great, too. But don't think that just because it's a more common caliber you're going to be able to find ammo in a true emergency situation. You won't. Stock up NOW.
  10. Lots of folks here probably stock food, water and ammo in case of some sort of emergency situation occuring (as we do), but how many stock food for your pets as well? I hadn't really thought about this until we were in Wall's Bargain Center the other day and I spied a bargain on canned dog food. It was name brand overrun stuff, with the labels cut off, 24 cans shrink wrapped for $4.88 per case. I took one can out, saw the expiration date was March 2012, and grabbed a couple to put up for our dog, Fred. I'll also get some cheap dry dog food to stash away in case of emergency (we feed him good stuff normally, but in an emergency I figure he'll eat what he can get ). If you think about it, it would suck to see your pet(s) starve while you ride out an emergency on your stashed food stocks. Now we've got a little something stowed away for man's best friend, too.
  11. Thirty years ago today...

    ...John Wayne passed away. Long live the Duke!
  12. What began with James B. continues with Waymore. If you're a Waylon fan and you haven't heard these gems, well...why the Hell haven't you??? * - "Them Old Love Songs" (from "Are You Ready for the Country", 1976) * - "This Train" (from "Waymore's Blues, Pt. 2", 1994) * - "Ivory Tower" (from "What Goes Around Comes Around", 1979) * - "I've Got My Faults" (from "Too Dumb for New York City, Too Ugly for L.A.", 1992) * - "Old Friend" (from "Are You Ready for the Country", 1976) * - "They Ain't Got 'Em All" (from "Will the Wolf Survive", 1986) * - "Goin' Down Rockin'" (from "Never Say Die: Live", 2000) * - "Whistlers and Jugglers" (from "I've Always Been Crazy", 1978) * - "What About You" (from "Music Man", 1980) * - "Come Back and See Me" (from "Waymore's Blues, Pt. 2", 1994) * - "Waymore's Blues" (from "Dreaming my Dreams", 1975) * - "Reno and Me" (from "The Eagle", 1990) * - "Louisiana Women" (from "This Time", 1974) * - "Freedom to Stay" (live version, from "Waylon Live: The Expanded Edition", 1974/2002) * - "Brand New Goodbye Song" (from "Ol' Waylon", 1977) * - "If You See Her" (from "What Goes Around Comes Around", 1979) * - "Best Friends of Mine" (from "Closing in on the Fire", 1998) * - "A Long Time Ago" (from "I've Always Been Crazy", 1978) * - "Black Rose" (from "Honky Tonk Heroes", 1972) * - "Midnight Rider" (from "The Ramblin' Man", 1973) Long live Hoss! _________________ If you enjoy your freedom, take a small step today to make sure it hangs around -- join the NRA. http://www.mynra.com
  13. What new guns are on your wish list?

    If it's a first gun, and not intended for defense use, make it a .22. I learned to shoot a handgun by pumping thousands of rounds through a Ruger Single Six.
  14. 23 Jimmy Buffett songs you've probably never heard...

    Rumor is that the new album "Summerzcool" should hit shelves by fall. Hope so.
  15. gps units

    I probably can't help you. I just have a cheapo Garmin Etrex and it suits my needs fine.