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  1. Campfire Talk

    Hello Swede, OFG, SGH, SurvivorGirl, and anyone else still here from days past. don't see any recent posts from Taken, Razor, Holly (went to UK as I recall), KBob, several others, but hello anyway if yer still lurking around out there in the shadows.
  2. Campfire Talk

    Hi Kim, just noticed your greeting. Been catching up on 4 years or so of posts here and there. G'night for now, Mtmn
  3. Campfire Talk

    A weary, long absent mountaineer pauses at a friendly campfire. A cup of coffee later, he nods to those living in these woods a heads back down the trail, warmed by the brew, the fire, and the memories of past times. Hello all, from MtnMan...
  4. Handgun thoughts

    And I know I once said I'd never get rid of my 22/45s, now they're both gone in a period of 6 months! But I can always buy another Ruger - the price on the Sig would just keep going up until I absolutely couldn't justify it at all. Besides, I'm kinda liking the little Walther P-22 as much as the Ruger, and I'm shooting it a whole lot better (friend has one), so I may pick one of those up instead, or maybe another RI .45, or....
  5. Handgun thoughts

    It's a little bigger than the Keltec P-32, but smaller and lighter than the P-11. Fits in a Desantis pocket holster and rides in my right front pocket every day. It cost me a Ruger 22/45 plain jane 5.5", a NAA mini revolver, and 59 dollars cash, so for our area that's about 650 or so, and within 35 dollars of the 689 he had it listed for in the case. I haven't seen one priced less than 639 anywhere else lately, so it was kind of a difficult choice, having shots several boxes of ammo through it I have no regrets. It shoots and handle great, and the quality is evident throughout. I call buys like this "gettin' a tad bit above my raisin'" since I'm normally very thrifty - just wanted one supernice little gun for EDC. It was a tough call between the Smith 637 and this one, but I don't regret taking the plunge or spending the extra $$.
  6. Handgun thoughts

    Thanks razor, it really is; and the greatest benefit for me is that both of my pistols operate the exact same way as far as draw, cock, sweep down the safety, and squeeze. Slide release, magazine release also in same locations - I can get serious now about speed drills if I wish, and the skills transfer directly from gun to gun - less thought, less chance of hesitation should the time come when milliseconds count. Read a cool quote somewhere last week - said basically "I hope you never ever need a gun at all for any reason, but on the day that you find you need a gun, it will be the most desperate moment of need you have ever experienced" or something like that. Made a lot of sense.
  7. Handgun thoughts

    Thought I'd go ahead and post a couple of different views of the little Sig P-238 Copperhead - I actually really didn't buy it for the gold inlay fancy stuff, just loved the color scheme because it's basically the exact opposite of my 1911 clone. Anyway, saw something called a Rhino in .357mag revolver - barrel is at the bottom of the cylinders, whole thing is large and blocky feeling, and it has a weird (and very unsafe) "single-action pre-cocking mechanism" which single stages the trigger while yet leaving the hammer down - about 1 lb of trigger squeeze and bang! I can see someone unfamiliar with this cocking it and putting in in their pocket/holster and having quite the surprise with an inadvertent discharge as the gun is pulled out - there is no safety to prevent these events from being casually strung together. Anyway, here's my pretty li'l pocket pistol:
  8. Campfire Talk

    I'll take that order to go, miss! Good to be back, talk to you later.
  9. Hello Swede! Heading out to the forest in a few minutes to coax in a gobbler, maybe, or more likely to put razor's tinder-tenderizing ideas to good practice. Good to be back.
  10. Handgun thoughts

    Well, somewhere along the way these last few weeks I managed to find a smaller caliber pistol that really caught my fancy, for numerous reasons. The SigSauer P-238, Copperhead model came home with me after much deliberation. Mostly because the most often used controls are identical to my .45, it's shaped like my .45, points like my .45, shoots to the same POI as my .45, and the Copperhead model's color scheme closely resembles my .45 - the two most practical reasons are that my wife can shoot the .380 reasonably well (anything with more recoil than a nine scares her too much), and it rides so easy in my pocket I sometimes don't really even notice it being there. Yes, it was too expensive, and yes, it's almost too pretty, and yes yes, I consider the .380 a minimum choice caliber, but having said all that, I have already been able to train up with this pistol to fist-sized groups in rapid fire at the same distances as my 1911 because the two guns are so darned alike (I actually rapid fire the little Sig a little more rapidly and achieve the same group size). I can tell you this - I have never in my life owned a gun with better machining and tolerances - it is an absolute beauty of engineering quality. I'm through a tad over 500 rounds now, no malfs of any kind, and no noticeable wear or looseness, the fancy little scroll work hasn't even worn thin yet in spite of daily in pocket holster carry. So far, hands-on experience and lifetime no-questions asked warranty speak well of the little gun. A final word on the .380 caliber - it's not a .45 by any means, but a 90-95 grain bullet doing an actual (chrono'd) 1076-1096 fps comes out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 240-260 ft lbs of muzzle energy, and that's on a par with upper end .38 special rounds and standard to middle of the road 9mm - if you bother to place it well it will definitely wreck a bad guy's day. I've shot nothing but Fiocchi FMJ and HP through it because this ammo has proven reliable in this caliber for years and the HP performs extremely well in all types of ballistic medium. Penetration is on the order of 10-11 inches and expansion to .53 is commonplace (these figures obtained from "bone-in" hams which were sacrificed as being very near to human torso in terms of muscle and bone mass; similar figures were obtained from modelling clay/wooden stick cubes and also from 10% ordinance mix ballistic gelatin - this last performed by someone else and forwarded to me). The Fiocchi HP makes a pretty deep and wide hole for a "minimum" protective caliber, and I trust it. I'll try and get a picture of the little Sig on here later. And instead of buying another handgun since I now have a matching set of big and little guns, I opted for a Marlin 25A bolt action rifle in .22 magnum with a Mossy Oak finished stock and I went ahead for 30 more bucks and put a set of Williams Fire Sights on it to match my muzzle loader's sighting system. It had an accurizer trigger job already installed by someone who seems to have known EXACTLY how to do such a thing - this rifle shoots beyond Sweeeeettttt! So, two handgun look-alikes with similar controls, one smaller, one larger, and two rifles with identical sighting systems for serious work, one smaller, one larger; not a bad spring for the gun department at all. Time to go do some shootin' - Steve
  11. Campout in VA

    Pete, whereabouts in my lovely state are ya' havin' this get-together? I live down here in the Southwest corner of the Commonwealth, but my Mom and brother have the east coast covered, so can vacation pretty much anywhere in between. Might drop in on yer group if I ain't missed it already?
  12. Campfire Talk

    MtnMan sneaks up on the campfire from a great distance, half-wanting to see some old friends, half-ashamed at his long absence, but overall glad to be back. Took a bit of a "holiday" (as Holly would now refer to it) from the online scene to get caught up on coursework, help Mom get through administrative details, and generally attempt to straighten life out from the sadness and scheduling mess of February. Back now, maybe not better than ever, but just got a call from the couch-delivery guy that he won't be here 'til 3:30, so off to the woods to take a crack at some spring turkeys. A very fervent "HELLO" to Taken, Swede, Holly, Razor, OFG, Watcher, KpBob, K-Woodsman, Unca, Muddy, Tatonka, Dorie, Survivorgirl, Machine, Rocky, Mistwalker, Freebirde, and anyone I've missed on this list (don't feel left out, my head started to hurt a bit remembering all these names).
  13. Nice tutorial Razor, and nice follow-up Taken. Good overall sequence - Learned by one, taught to others, learned by one... Good to be back and see that things haven't been idle while I was gone. Steve
  14. Where'd you find the Shoulder Stock? I have a PC77 (same gun as the 1377) that I use for grand daughter training (JackJack's a bit too young yet, and he's a bit too "two" (although he's headed to 4yo) right now to even consider handling a projectile device). I use it for pest control but would like to benchrest it with a stock. Also, I actually found a North Face day pack at a Goodwill Thrift Store for 4.98 - that's not a typo - it was just over 5 bucks with tax - a bit dirty but a damp brush took care of that and no other defects found - guy behind me was some pissed when I grabbed it first, but I pointed him to the LL Bean custom sack (made by Kelty) right behind it and he was okay after that (5 bucks also). The North Face daypack is a nice piece of work in that it has a couple of 3/4 length outer pockets - lots of gear close to hand without opening the whole thing - I can easily get spare pistol ammo, huge first aid kit, stove, fuel, and lunch all in those two outer pockets along with a poncho and oversized space blankie. It just doesn't fit worth a hoot in that the waist strap actually expects to be buckled around my waist, which due to age, gravity, and winter fat accumulation, is several inches below where it should normally be located. That'll change in a couple of months of springtime walking and kayaking, and for now I just don't use the waist cinch.