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  1. Handgun thoughts

    M&P has interchangeabl grips to fit any sized hand. Better trigger than both glok and sd and you can get it with or with out an external safety I like the glock and m&p over the simpmy becsuse the added the unessisary grip safety thst wont allow the slide to be manipulated unless its pressed. The only reason john browning put the grip safety on the 1911 was the army wa ted it to unessisarilly idiotproof the 1911 for combat troops. Otherwise all 3 guns are great performers. Only the m&p has the best ergos, trigger reset and trigger reach of all 3 and it has mutiple grips to fit any hand. It also has the same grip angle as a 1911 so it points naturally to most people.
  2. Campfire Talk

    And Ronin... the giant. Lol
  3. Campfire Talk

    taken will be with me. :thumbup:
  4. Campfire Talk

    Good morning. I get to go camping canoeing with my scouts this weekend. I need that. Bad. Been over working for months with little free time. This needs to change. Coffee on the fire. Extra dark. Extra strong.
  5. Hello from Sunrise 1965

    Welcome sunrise. Good to see ya here.
  6. Campfire Talk

    Good morning campers. Life has been husy for me. Not much free time but im hopeing to be a little more active here again. Really miss everyone. Have a great day.
  7. Hiking tents

    Those work ok as a thermal wrap but far to fragile for anything but emergancy use. Ive tested one before with very poor results. I keep one in my emergancy bag though.
  8. Campfire Talk

    Lookin like spring is in the air. New job is going well. Have a campout with my scouts this weekend. Looking forward to that. We have a bunch of new ones moved up from the pack so it should be fun. I love tge fact our troop keeps growing and growing. Makes me feel like im making a difference. Have a good day campers
  9. Campfire Talk

    Good morning campers. Been super busy lately. Just switched jobs and the new job is going great. 100% better work environment and im really enjoying sleeping in till 6 :hugegrin: got all kinds of plans for spring. Hope everyone is doing good. Supposed to be in the 50s 60s by this weekend. I think winter will soon be a memory. Take care everyone. See ya around the campfire.
  10. Campfire Talk

    Fingers crossed k woods. Good luck!
  11. Campfire Talk

    Yes, good luck KWoods. I just got hired at a new place myself. Better hours. Less BS. And actuall operatunities to move up. I feel like a huge stones been lifted off my back. Im so glad to move on. It does my heart good knowing they now have to pay two people to do my job :hugegrin:
  12. Happy birthday Sharen! Hope you had a great day!
  13. Campfire Talk

    Yeeehaaaaaawwwwww!!!! I get to put my notice in at my current workplace today and i start a new job in two weeks. No more deeling with there backdoor bs. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Hope everyone is doing well.
  14. Hello from Florida

    Welcome Ghost!
  15. Campfire Talk

    Will do. Thanks swede!