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  1. Campfire Talk

    hellow swede
  2. Whats your favorite fish?

    How do you like them cooked? I like them fried in corn flour.
  3. MrCoffee you have a good point there. Gas could be a big problem, if we stay and think about it, gas could be the reason for a future world conflict. I would choose a bike - a fast and light one, but well made. Or perhaps a small motorcycle, with 1L/100km with 20L of gas you can get pretty far. If you run out of gas you can use the paddles.
  4. Campfire Talk

    Hello All!
  5. How big? A buy&sell forum would be useful
  6. I saw that movie :hugegrin: It's quite good actually.
  7. Medicine Man - is that a show or something? Crazy_stick - do you have some pictures taken from the trees, in the hammock maybe? that would be nice to see.
  8. Yeah well its a known fact that well build people are performing better in cold enviorments and endurance exercises 8| the SEALS!!! realized that only-muscle soldiers were performing worse then the ones who have a little fat on them :ninja:
  9. Nice truck Its a Chevy?
  10. Something that runs on fuel - its important to save your energy. Think about it - no food, going 100km with a bike - you loose ALL your energy.
  11. Favorite actor/actress

    Emily de Ravin and Dustin Hoffman
  12. The compass info was awesome. I did not know that.
  13. Cooking Gear

    I think the titanium are the most expensive ones, but at the same time the best.
  14. Never tried one, but if you buy one, please post a review here. Cooking techniques are never too many if you know what I mean :happy: