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  1. airnt you glad you bugged out!? Irene was pretty bad I hear.
  2. Campfire Talk

    does anyone know if rabbits and squirrels are good togther in a stew or soup? just trying to decide if I should cook them togther or get a couple more each an cook them seperate

    ussaully they use hamsters for experimenting! but oh well. lol.
  4. I have been aware of this spiritual energy as some call it but I think that it was programed into us before birth, its a mystry to me for the most part.
  5. Urban Forageing

    this is some good stuff! thank you for writing this freebirde. this could prove to be very usefull sooner or later. hopefully later!
  6. Campfire Talk

    hey blacksmith my cabins next! lol. wow its been a while since I got on here hello every one and hope u all had a merry christmass!
  7. artic sounds really cold! theres just a chilly tingle to that word. lol
  8. blacksmith and I were just talkin bout winter camping/hiking and I'm thinking about all the cold, wet snow, dry air, I thought he was crazy, and I've lived in alaska all my life. but now I think he's gunna be scared when he read this. cause I wanna go winter camping! =)
  9. how did you come up with your wild survive name?

    blacksmith and I were setting me up on here and we were just rambling on and I decided I like this one best. after all I live in the bush, and when it comes to getting around in it I'm a little rat! lol
  10. =) well I personaly think anything pointed at my person would seem like a cannon! I am going to put in my young and reckless two cents, hehe I think it would be a good idea to carry a small firearm these days. I have worn a handgun on multiple occasions in town (I live kinda outta town ya might say) and only got a strange look once, and that was from an outsider, some tourist city slicker. here in Alaska a person can get away with a lot more than most places in the lower 48, in fact there is no such thing as a concealed weapons permit in Alaska. the only places a person is not aloud to carry here is in school, bank, or a city hall. but yes I say check with the authoritys and find out what is legal.
  11. Hey! I'm from Alaska! =)

    its actually ditch hopper! =) for those of you who don't know that is my cb radio name.
  12. Hey! I'm from Alaska! =)

    Hey thanks every body! I'm diggin this already! =) well A little about my self.... I'm an average american boy, raised in Alaska all my life, and my family is really big!!! love the outdoors and despise politics even though I ran for city council this year (didn't make it, thank goodness). its only been in the past few years I've learned the most of what I know about survival. in fact blacksmith is the one that has played a large part in it. I've been on the vol. fire dept. here in my home town for 4 years now. thats what I can think of right now.
  13. A friend helped me get set up on here, it sounded like it was my style. its the first time I've been on a forum so bear with me!