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  1. My field kit

    Woo Hoo My wife just bought me an exotac nanoStriker for valentines day. I currently wear it on a length of 550 around my neck and it doesnt even feel like its there!
  2. Handgun thoughts

    I would love to get a good old 1911 but im gonna wait until i moveto tennessee, the gun laws here in new york are almost as ridiculous as Cali and getting a pistol permit is like trying to part the red sea. Not to mention there is no castle law in this state. Wonderful new york is a duty to retreat state,(for those who don't know) Meaning if someone breaks into your home you have a duty to retreat to the farthest point away from danger and if you assault the intruder in any way you must prove beyond a doubt that they were going to harm you or a family member in the home. and even if it is proven you will more than likely lose every right to your firearms not to mention be sued by the intruder or their family. in this state you pretty much don't have a right to defend yourself unless you have video tape evidence or a thousand witnesses testifying on your behalf. That is another of the many reasons I want to move out of this state. I live approx. 3.5 hours from NYC and we have all sorts of scum oozing out of that city coming up here and bringing all sorts of nasty shit with them like meth labs and gang shootings in a city 40 miles away and closing. when i was a kid the worst thing as far as drugs in my area when i was growing up was pot and shrooms. a guy i grew up with and lost contact with only to find out a few years ago he got busted for selling a half ounce of crack to an undercover police officer. the leaches know we cant defend ourselves here and i want to sell my house and get out before the home invasions start coming this way. luckily i live across the street from the police chief. Wow what a rant :ranting:
  3. Any long range shooters here?

    I Have a stag M6L AR I have been tuning and tweaking and have been popping prairie dog targets at 500 yards with 75 grain v-max handloads. not too bad considering the gun is stock. I Was going to build a DPMS LR-308, went and bought the lower receiver and everything but a couple of weeks later I found a guy who had all the parts and was looking for a receiver so I horse traded for a Ruger M77 MKII benchrest rifle in .308 did my research first though and found out that this is a viable 1k yard rifle. I have been playing with it on and off but nothing too serious. I plan on using hornaday sst rounds and see how far the envelope can be pushed with it. the trigger is adjustable but even set stock it breaks clean with no creep. My next mission is to get my hands on a Springfield SocomII For when I go bear hunting.
  4. Who is watching the eclipse tonight?

    :curse: :rant: :ranting: no chance on the eclipse. sky clouded over Dammit censored.gif the first time on the winter solstice in 400 years!!
  5. Who is watching the eclipse tonight?

    im gonna see if i can tweek the exposure on my camera and get some good pics and post them.
  6. Who Is staying up tonight to watch The Birth of a blood moon on the start of the Solstice? "The eclipse begins on Tuesday morning, Dec. 21st, at 1:33 am EST (Monday, Dec. 20th, at 10:33 pm PST). At that time, Earth's shadow will appear as a dark-red bite at the edge of the lunar disk. It takes about an hour for the "bite" to expand and swallow the entire Moon. Totality commences at 02:41 am EST (11:41 pm PST) and lasts for 72 minutes. " Going to burn the yule log while observing this marvel and cant help but think of the significance of this during the beginning of Yule. I'm gonna play with the exposure on my camera and try to snag some pics. gotta fetch my telescope too.
  7. What's For Dinner Tonight?

    Creamy Chicken and gnocchi soup
  8. My Swiss volcano stove

    An American Cream draft horse. beautiful cream colored coat stand around 15-16 hands and have pink skin and amber eyes. rare and beautiful. they almost became extinct only about 50 years as a recognized breed but they are making a come back.
  9. Krill Lights

    Thats cool. I wanna get my hands on some of those tritium key chains. they are bright enough to read a map by.
  10. My Swiss volcano stove

    I forgot that for a 16 inch tall burn the stakes should be atleast 2 inches thick and green as can be or the legs burn through and dump boiling water everywhere. my father learned the trick from an old guy he worked with when he worked for the park service in the early 60's and he tried it with his combat helmet in nam. lol he even came up with a jet fuel stove when he worked in refueling but i don't think too many here have a ready supply JP4.
  11. My Swiss volcano stove

    I just love swiss gear. so neat and efficient. can you still use the unit if you run out (or worse case) spill the alcohol? I know you could just stick the cup in the coals of the camp fire but has anyone ever built a pillar fire? I know they showed it once on MvW but my father taught me the trick on a camping trip where you take four green sapling stakes and drive them into the ground close together to create legs and them criscross kindling all the way to the top, set the vessel of water on top and light it. works great for boiling about four cups of water. Showed that trick to my oldest son this past summer when we were making lunch in the field.
  12. My Swiss volcano stove

    I Have no problem with winding off topic, I have been on other boards where the mods go ape$hit for veering off topic even if its the thread starter lol the more I post the more I like it here.
  13. My Swiss volcano stove

    Any way back on course, Most of my surplus gear comes from mail order which I hate because I like to look things over and handle them before I lay out money for them. I don't know how many times I have been burned for cheap chinese knockoffs that some places claim are original g.i. if there isn't a gov serial on it somwhere or other military designation Most of the time the junk falls apart.
  14. My Swiss volcano stove

    wow now looking back I didn't realize what a rant I laid out there. more than just a little off topic lol. Horrible ranting when caffeine and nicotine collide in a sleepy brain. :hugegrin:
  15. My Swiss volcano stove

    I Wish I had a surplus store nearby. the closest we have here is about an hour and a half away over winding roads and even then most of what he has there is junk. closest surplus place that has anything of any value is2 hours away down in P.A. Thats where im gonna buy the Deuce and a half for moving our stuff when we sell the house. but yeah you should certainly buy up stuff like that if it isnt gonna put you in a pinch. thats what I plan on doing after reading the last few posts. Anything like that I find I'm gonna offer up first dibs here. I know I'm new but I like the idea of helping out like minded people. Self sufficiency and survival skills are lacking in todays society and people are too comfortable with luxuries and think nothing bad can happen to them as long as the have their cell phone or other devices that are completely useless or that they will be safe in cities and depend on the government to save them if some disaster or another were to occur. It took me 10 years to break my wife of that mindset because she use to live no less than a mile from a grocery store in a house on a lot no bigger than an 1/8 of an acre now she thinks my families 36 acres isnt enough. So now we are looking at a lot that id 109 acres with a nat gas well on it and borders a strong running year round stream and is mostly forested with a couple of meadows and a pond. My Wonderful city girl now wants a small farm and horses. she wants a cream draft for herself and I want a Percheron. Drafts make awesome trail riders. carrying a person and gear is no sweat at all for them. They are allot mellower than the regular smaller breeds.