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  1. Field Notes

    Just a thought, but there are many different ways to do field notes. One thing is not to edit them at all. Write down your initial thoughts and let them stand as such. After the field time is over, you will be able to summarize, and synthesize your thoughts on the information gathered, but there is no need to get rid, or modify, your original thoughts. Fix the spelling sure, but if you edit it too heavily, you may (inadvertently) change the meaning from what you initially meant or experienced.
  2. Blancavas (Or however you spell that)

    I've never modified my own hat... that's a smooth move bob
  3. What about a 1 way valve, or face shield of some sort for CPR, or artifical respiration?
  4. First aid Kit

    Well, it's a start, but what do you intend to use it for? There is practicall nothing that will help stabilize a sprain, strain, or break 41 Bandages 20 Cotton tips 2 Finger splints First aid guide 14 Gauze dressings 4 Vinyl gloves 2 Hot packs 2 Cold packs Metal scissors Plastic tweezer 5 Antibiotic ointments 3 Sting relief pads 24 Alcohol prep pads 24 Antiseptic towelettes 3 Iodine prep pads Hydrogen peroxide pump (2-oz.) Elastic wrap Adhesive tape roll Think about what you really want this kit for. It's pretty low price, so the items inside may also be of lower quality. You might want to go to a local drug store or pharmacy to pick and choose items that work for you. Like I HATE plastic tweezers...so I would be sure to go get some good metal ones. Get some trauma sheers instead of scissors that we give kids in grade 2. If you need to cut something, you're going to want it done, not nipping at it for minutes. Also with packs like this, they tend to be so well packed by the maufacturer, there tends to be little or no room left to add much to it. So if you want to build your own pack, you can go and purchase a sturdy little bag from some suppliers as well. I'm not trying to discourage the kit... Just think about what you're going to use, what you really need it for, and what kind of quality and materials you're actually getting
  5. Blancavas (Or however you spell that)

    Some balaclava's also have a hole, a series of small holes, or a very breathable material around the mouth area to avoid condensation buildup. Some of the better ones I have owned were also fitted as to better fit the contours of the face (aka it fit around my large schnoz) as well as giving a bit of space between the mouth and the material, meaning that if there is any condensation, you won't have to kiss it all day. Balaclavas are nice in "extreme" weather, however they can be a little much for most weather. Sweating in winter can be very dangerous, as such, having your head completely covered is not always the best idea. I tuque and scarf combo is more easily "adjustable" so you can avoid heavy perspiration. That, and you won't look like a bank robber when you're walking around town
  6. Soda can Stove

    another option (if you have a little more time) is to take some corragated cardboard, roll it up like a cinnamon bun, and stick it into an empty clean tuna can. Pour some melted paraffin over it, add some matches or other wick material (cloth will do... natural fibres) and let it all solidify together. It's not pretty, but it will give you a nice flame for quiet some time.
  7. My best packing tip... pack your underwear ANYWHERE but at the top... that way you can avoid the "who do these belong to" situation if/when they fall out.
  8. "Survivor" tie braker

    :'( :cry:
  9. Snowshoes

    well let us know how they turn out when global warming decides to bugger off for a while. Usually you get what you pay for, but there are some cheap jems out there!!
  10. Underarmor

    Sierra design works well. Polypro stuff is pretty handy when you're tripping (or at least I think so) I don't care if I look sweaty or not, however I do enjoy the quick drying properties. As well, when you are just on a normal roadtrip, they don't wrinkle!! Keep in mind, most polypro stuff will wick away the sweat from your body... doesn't mean it will do anything for the smell! So kiddies, keep that in mind when you're wearing it around after a workout
  11. "Survivor" tie braker

    Just to prove to myself that I could beat them... I went ice fishing over the weekend when it was snowing/slushing/raining and lit a fire with a flint and steel (not a ferro rod, a crappy litte flint and steel ((( WHICH was way too small, I need to get a new one))) ) and I still managed to make a fire in under 20 mins, including gathering all of my material, and preparing the site!!! ah well..I guess I would just get voted off early for being a threat
  12. Bush kit

    fortune favors the bold, but survival favours the prepared I guess
  13. Bush kit

    Yes, very well done!
  14. Campfire Talk

    hey unca, what kind of graphics engine are you using, I'm having some problems seeing most of the pictures.
  15. Foot Care

    Thanks for the clarification. I want a pair of those "down camp booties" for chrsitmas fluffier then mocassins