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  1. Poetry Corner

    I started writing lyrics years ago, I used to rap as well...anyways heres a little somethin that seems forum friendly. "Nice Guys Finish Last" by PRICE. Where do we go from here? I scream out loud but no one hears maybe they do they just dont listen or maybe my words mean nothin Ive tried to fight, but slowly given up my lungs are sore from tryin so much If I give up does that make me a quitter? or will it heal the frustration n make things better I used to be open and gullable took each promise like it was a 1st place medal trust to me is the most important But thats just me, cuz its always bein broken and again im left alone with no one around only myself and a bottle to down the alcohol helps reduce the pain temporally blocks out the hurt in my brain but a small fix just isnt enough maybe someone, someday, can show me true "love" I give my best and get nothing but hurt in the end you lose out twice cuz she was also a friend But before it all you talked about wanting someone different someone who treated ya good and always listened I gave you that, because thats who I was I treated you with respect but it wasnt good enough In the future we chat it up for a bit you tell me how your new man treats you like shit I make some excuses so I can see you smile tell you its just a fight itll get better after awhile so when you hear it said out loud and everyone laughs just remeber its true...Nice guys DO finish last.
  2. Frisbee Golfin

    Most Frisbee Golf Courses are state owned.
  3. Frisbee Golfin

    Frisbee Golf has been around for a looong time. The course I go to is an 18 hole course, but ive been to a few that only have 9. Putter discs are important (I still need to get myself one) basically it doesnt slant left or right just floats straight no matter how you throw it. The guy in the video did have a lot of discs...but each disc is different in either its curve when thrown or weight. In frisbee golf, the frisbee, acts as the CLUB and BALL. Its really enjoyable and A LOT of courses are within forests which makes the "turbulence" for the shooter. Sometimes you throw over a lake...which would be a bummer to lose your disc within it cuz the discs arent exactly the cheapest equipment around. I bought my first ever disc (was using a friends all of last year) and it cost me about $13....$12.66 to be exact. Its a very casual sport and for someone my size its nice to get out and get some exercise by walking the course. The longest par on the course I go to is 400ft = Par 4 and the smallest is about 185ft = Par 3. Add that up with the other 16 holes you have yourself quite a walk. The courses are usually free to use, but some on the other hand arent. The most expensive course ive paid to play on was $0.35 which is by far cheaper then to play on a Ball/club golf course. Lol wish me luck, I need it.
  4. Frisbee Golfin

    Im actually in the process of getting my CDL grandpa, Taken the test for my CDL permit a week from friday. Yea I plan on visiting for my birthday.
  5. Frisbee Golfin

    Anyone else know of and/or play Frisbee Golf? I started playing last year and have been playing loads since the warm weather. I plan on taking pictures of the course thats close to home and ill be posting them so keep your eyes peeled For those who have no idea what im talking about heres a youtube video so you can at least get the drift of it. And heres the three main techniques on how to throw a frisbee golf disc properly. How to throw a Frisbee Golf Disc
  6. Rainy, Windy, and cold. :help:
  7. You'll learn to love me lol. Yea grandpa I heard about her maybe getting job.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes, I didnt get much time to surf the forums last night but I had some this morning and read through some interesting stuff. Looks like I found a new place to check up on fishing reports and such .
  9. Rods and Reels

    Rods: Anything made of fiberglass and extends 7 1/2 ft works well for me. The fiberglass helps ya feel most nudges and rips most bass like to throw against ya while the 7 1/2ft gives ya that extra accuracy and casting distance. I tend to purchase a lot of Shakespear rods, cheap and durable. Reels: My current reel Reel smooth and comfortable to the hand. Not too heavy, but not too light to where you think your gonna snap it in half.
  10. Carp Fishing in England

    Hot damn, now thats a carp. Carp seem to be a popular fish to pull in around these parts...but im still to see something that large come out of the lakes/rivers here in Wisconsin.
  11. Hello all happy114.gif Little bit about myself Im Swede's grandson for starters. I do as much fishing as I can. Normally fish for Bass & Catfish but im willing to reel in anything thats biting. I literally live about 5 mins from Lake Michigan and trust me....if ya aint got a boat then you aint catching much fish. I enjoy traveling and being in the middle of nowhere :hugegrin:. Anyways, Figured id stop in and check everything out. Looks like a good forum :thumbup: and I tend to check up on it on a daily basis.