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  1. If anyone knows any plants that can be found in canadian forest that can serve as a pain killer that would be very helpful. Also, whats the proper term for North American forest in general? I feel kind of naive for calling it that, and I know its not all Boreal/Taiga.
  2. Man Tracker

    Actually, if someone can chose a few things to bring on the show, I think it would be a disadvantage that hes on a horse. . . I mean, taking the most obvious path and leading the most obvious trail into a series of snares that can pull and trip the horse would screw him, or if you got time find a nice pit and cover it up with some brush n leave a few rocks at the bottom. Horses are fragile you know
  3. Novice from Canada

    Thanks everyone, welcome is appreciated, and thanks razor for that idea
  4. Novice from Canada

    Yo im Miles, I live in Canada. Found out about this website from a youtube video of Les Stroud bashing Bear Grylls heh. . Survival, well, livin in the wilderness starting off with nothin but a knife and axe, is one of the two passions i live for. Im a fan of survivorman and I am a huge fan of Gary Paulsen, who wrote Hatchet and the rest of the Brian books, Guts, and a lot of other books about wilderness livin. My idea of a perfect trip would be goin into the boreal forest with nothin but a knife, axe, and a few pots, and once i got a good shelter and supply of food (if i had the choice, i would always pick a spot near a lake), then start workin on a forge and once i can get some iron tools together build a bigger house then move on to more useful structures and walls to keep the animals out. I know easier said then done, but i know people who have done stuff pretty close to what im sayin and they know people who have done what im talkin about in one or two weeks. There are two questions i got right now that have been buggin me for the past week. First, how can you make a forge thats able to smelt iron if you dont have a metal tube to blow air in? Second, are there any plants in canada that can be made into a poison for arrows or darts that would just knock an animal unconscious? Sorry if i worded this badly, im in a bit of a hurry