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  1. Campfire Talk

    Nice to see you back Woodsman. How everyone's been doing? Everything ok?
  2. Game: I.D. the fish

    You have to guess the name of the fish in the attached picture. If you know the answer - you have to upload another picture with a fish for the rest to guess. I'll start - guess what fish is in the below picture ??? :hugegrin:
  3. What is your favorite fish? Taste like - and/or size like I really like tuna fish and carp.
  4. Favorite hunting firearm

    my dream gun would be a old remington - as they used to have in the wild wild west
  5. Ok I wanted to break the ice... maybe the topic idea is stupid but lets see your pet :wave:
  6. and exercises too, when you stay and think about it... Look at Les, we can`t take out anything from the gear he has to carry all around... what does he do? lots of exercise
  7. Hmmm interesting topic. I think the best way to reduce your bags weight is by having tools made of light materials - like titanium pots and tools. Everything else matters too little and its not worth the time and effort in my opinion. If thats not possible I would try to reduce the number of items from the bag - like having one knife, one bowl not seven etc If thats not possible either - than I would start some exercises - and get used to carry alot of weight - other than that I don`t know
  8. Post Your Campfire Pictures

    Wow that`s a BIG firecamp you`ve got there. Nice one!
  9. Snake Bites

    So no one knows?
  10. Favorite actor/actress

    WHat is your favorite actor and/or actress? For me Al Pacino(Scent of a woman, Devils advocate) and Emily Deravine(Lost).
  11. What do you think the best Vehicle for survival would be? Many people are starting to buy small city cars so they can handle the traffic better in cities. But such a vehicle would be useles in a city survival situation. Think of a flood, or a hurricane - they won't stand a chance. I'm thinking between a pick-up truck and a dedicated 4x4 off-road car. Equipped with a dust motor bike, or a mountain-bike for situation when the truck/4-wheel can't be used. Let's keep this realistic - and no Humvees or APCs :woot:
  12. Ok, so you're thinking that climbing trees has nothing to do with Wilderness Survival. I think that's wrong. Trees could provide food, water and even shelter. There are different methods for climbing a tree - I know the frog one Also you can use an axe so you can climb easier. I once saw a video with a guy that used 2 knives - we would place it so he could put his foot on it. Not very efficient though. Anymore techniques that you know about - of course without the casual ones.
  13. Street Fighting

    Avoidance is indeed the best way to deal with this kind of problems. But the thing is - you can`t always avioid something like this. It CAN happen to anyone. So being prepared for THAT situation also, can`t harm, can it?
  14. City At War

    Machine I think you heard that in the "canoe falling" Survivorman episode. "The it can`t happen to me syndrome" by Les Stroud :lol: Am I right or am I right? :lol:
  15. Dream Car?

    You do need larger tires - offroad ones too if possible. Nice car and nice color though.