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  1. Another February

  2. EBOLA.

    One more case makes it here and the MSM will be back at 24 hour coverage. We actually had a patient with trigger points on arrival but proved negative as the OOC travel was to northern Europe , just a bad case of flu. Looked like he got hit by a truck, the flu this year is bad, bad, bad...
  3. Thank you all. Getting ready to retire from the FD in February and it's been real busy. Hope all are well.
  4. Inspirational Quotes

    Hell yeah. Forever is a long time to regret...
  5. EBOLA.

    Actually this case in New York will be a good test to see what the state of our precautions are. Our protocols keep getting updated almost daily. Some of that is because they were insufficient before and some of it is to cover there ass and be over cautious. As Taken says he should have not been contagious. But if someone with no Africa/patient connection ends up sick in N.Y. it's pretty much back to the drawing board. I'm told Ebola Zaire strain(not this one) was not airborne at first and mutated to be. But that was in a protocol training that has been updated twice since and who knows if that is truly the case. Bottom line is anyone not engaged in some type of patient care or medical response should be O.K. if you just wash your hands regularly and certainly don't touch you face when out in the public until you have washed them. It's flu season and you should be doing that anyway.
  6. Seven well spent minutes

    Found this on another site. It really struck me. This kid and his dad have a Youtube page "Project Vigil" only this video. A truly fine young man.
  7. EBOLA.

    ~ with the missing patients, I wonder. The poor looters who grabbed the sheets and stuff are probably already infected. It makes no sense. It's a bizarre story. Even out of Africa. C'est L' Afrique, I stopped being surprised or shocked decades ago.
  8. EBOLA.

    Good thread. Everyone, especially those of us in the health care profession and especially those who have initial patient contact has to be familiar with this disease.
  9. Conditioning for who knows what, building endurance

    Good thread. Staying in condition will pay you back ten fold as the years pile up. My job demands that I stay in shape and my health has benefited from it.
  10. Just saw these in a update from Survival Resources. http://www.cammenga.com/Wrist-Compass-s/39.htm Think I'm gonna try one. Cammenga should be a good product. http://bepreparedtosurvive.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=1e4392ed0616af3dda9e9ac31&id=084ead2e61&e=5a184edd3c
  11. Thank you all...25 I can't even remember when I was 25, I think Lincoln was President though.