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  1. New line of knives from Les

    i completely understand and support his quality-oriented policy... even if this mean higher prices.
  2. Campfire Talk

  3. Using A Small Blade or Knife

    @newzealandsurvival: i hear you! i (briefly) discuss small vs. big blade here (the knife being item 3 out of 5):
  4. not the first place to look that comes to your mind... :
  5. Small Pond Filtration

    great topic! i just bought a piece of land near the city - i intend to build my home there during the next year. the first thing on the list (after the house itself) it's a pond (very small lake :grin: )... i'm thinking big (like 10k gallons or bigger) - any thoughts on that?
  6. my survival kit

    - what are you going to use as fuel for the soda stove(s)? - you forgot to list the string (but it's in the picture - that's what is important ) - you might want to consider a sak and, even more important, some tp for ...er ... emergency situations ? - congrats on the wool cap - great item to have in cold weather! all in all, good kit.
  7. shelter for 3 with only one poncho

    ...and counting! (one new vid every week) please, enjoy! about 15 min from "it's going to rain very-very soon" to "do you want more honey with your tea?"... it's a very long time in a downpour, but otherwise it's quite decent... plus, it included firewood gathering.
  8. we didn't expect rain in the middle of the winter... (it happend in january 2011) i had my poncho, but we were 3 - here's what we did: . what would you do in a similar situation?
  9. that was common sense 80 years ago... today it seems very innovative!
  10. jute twine can be used in more than one way... . enjoy!
  11. (i hope this is the right place to start this topic; if not, please move it where it belongs!) there are some things that are not (always) true, or that are misunderstood, or both, yet nobody seems to challenge them... here are 5 examples: . if you know another one... post it here!
  12. bushcraftmyway

    thank you! and... enjoy!
  13. Super fun survival kit post

    what's the little black knife? i like it...