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  1. project

    ya i will check the legalities
  2. Martin Jaguar takedown recurve bow

    I have it but it is a good bow and has a good design.
  3. project

    well ive been hunting i got five. but i wanna do it with out a gun or trap
  4. project

    umm i would say i like small game hunting like squirrels
  5. project

    Ive been trying to do something and i wanted. Some help on finding a project including hunting or fishing. :help:
  6. primative wepones

    name all the primitive weapons u know about and tell a little about them or post a picture.
  7. Campfire Talk

    just wanting to say hi to yall
  8. Young People

    i wish i started earlier on my survival skills. But i am glad to see that they started early.
  9. Where Do You Hunt ?

    im a youth hunter and my neighbor is to old to hunt and dont know if this place allows hunting still but down at black lake up north is good duck hunting along with turkey and deer spots
  10. How do i make an atlatal

    ok thanks again
  11. How do i make an atlatal

    if anyone could help me on how to make an atlatl i would be happy.