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  1. Twinkies

    I remember when Twinkies & Hostess Cupcakes, were twice the size they are now. The ones offered today should be called Twinkie bites & Cupcake bites.
  2. Campfire Talk

    Maybe tonight you could post some Tatonka, I would enjoy seeing them.
  3. Campfire Talk

    Sounds like he will be a happy cat with Sara : )
  4. The Man Cave

    Everything within reach, handy dandy! :thumbup:
  5. Thanks for the pics Muddy, very interesting array of the outdoors. That bunker sure is a teaser. :vamp:
  6. Heard any good ones lately

  7. Max

    Peaceful rest Max
  8. Swede cuts trails

    Good critter cam shots there Swede! I still did not get ours up yet. Was in the woods for most of the day today, but busy with other stuff out there. It was a good day :grin: Saw some rubs.
  9. Campfire Talk

    Muddy, you sure do sound excited! Enjoy the time.
  10. Ive Got A Really Big Deck

    I have a really small deck, but dinner walks by it...
  11. I will be looking forward to seeing them!
  12. I lived in Arizona for a few years, thank you for the stellar photos of the canyon! You can't describe that hike to people, you have to do it to truly know all that it entails. Your photography skills are evident, better than some of National Geographic's shots of that canyon... and Arizona Highway's!! :thumbsup: Thank you for the breath- taking photos! :arigato:
  13. Dragon Slayer "Sir Spat"
  14. New Hobby...

    Those pics look good Snow. All the best to you with your new hobby :thumbup:
  15. Swede cuts trails

    That's what ours eat too.