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  1. some easy and sneaky hunting

    Ive got two large chest freezers full at the moment, I have been giving everything else shot lately away to friends and family.
  2. Campfire Talk

    It may come as a shock but i actually know a lot of american history. we have things here called universitys where we can study american history. i was asked to give another countrys view on your gun laws. any reference to my own countrys laws are simply that, my own countrys laws. reference to hunting rifles was my own countrys culture not americas. probably would have just been easier to say "read again what i wrote" i know many great american people from hunting forums, many who say they would fight violently to keep their guns. culture differences will always be there. it seems many people don't want compromise. the government may have a total ban on assault rifles. would you rather have stricter laws or no weapons at all ?or die trying to keep them. and meanwhile the question still remains. why is this happening in america
  3. Campfire Talk

    Yep, people here can buy and use pistols for example, but the catergory license for pistols is much harder to gain, and you have to belong to a club, if you dont turn up for a minimum of 6 shoots per year at a club then you lose your license and pistols, Police can come to your house anytime without warning to check your gun safe, and believe me they do check and often, if they find the slightest thing wrong then say goodbye to your license and all your firearms. Similar rules apply to military semi auto style weapons, no one here is saying you cant own them, the government just wants to know why, and makes getting the license for them very hard, so legitimate users who are into military target shooting clubs etc dont have a problem getting the license, its the everyday rambo wannabes that wont have a shit show of getting their hands on any.
  4. Campfire Talk

    no problems, as Ive said before in earlier posts Id love to own an AR but I do not have the time to join a military target shooters club just to gain a C catergory license to own an AR, i totally understand peoples mentality of wanting to prepare for any kind of attack or assault from some kind of enemy, I do that to a certain degree with what I'm allowed to do, If I could walk into a shop and buy an AR right now then yeah I probably would. We are a very small country with only about 4 and a half million people, so our attitude and culture towards weapons is far different to other country's. we are part of the common wealth so if NZ is attacked by an overseas force then every other common wealth country is going to be doing the big brother thing and coming to our aid, first would be Australia and the United Kingdom, not that I want to wait for others to protect us, but that just wouldn't happen, we would bring the fight that's for damn sure. There is a very good reason why are armed forces and our SAS are highly regarded by other military forces around the world.
  5. Campfire Talk

    I was asked by Swede what our thoughts are on Americas gun laws and control, the shooting at the school was extremely sad, and on the other side of the world as with many other country's it shocked us greatly. New Zealand as a country has strong opinions of Americas gun laws, being that alot of the news coverage we see involves guns and crime of some sort, but when Innocent children are killed it angers alot of nations and leaves people asking why ? When we see things like that on the news there is a common statement used over here usually along the lines of "what the hell is wrong with America" or "another shooting ? let me guess" ...America ? Myself and many people here believe ALL citizens have the right to protect their home and family with deadly force, I'm all for that one, eg the castle law, is that in Texas ? but there is a feeling that guns are far to easily accessible in the USA, being handguns, assault weapons etc, over here its extremely difficult to gain a pistol license and extremely easy to have it taken away again by the police, and military type weapons laws are very strict, no one is allowed a magazine that holds more than 7 rounds for a semi auto, and full auto, well that just doesn't exist over here, you need a very good reason as to why you want to own an assault rifle, just wanting to buy one because they look cool, or preparing for a world wide collapse in the economy is not a reason. Helicopter deer shooters for example use armalite rifles (semi auto) for obvious reason, quick rapid fire etc. Sorry if anything offends but our thoughts as a nation is that Americas gun laws are far to relaxed, the Constitution that everyone has the right to bare arms is a tricky one, as I said protecting home and family I believe is very important, but it seems weapons are gained far to easily in America. before you attack me :hugegrin: Yes I know that people kill people not guns, I agree with that, hell I could do a massive amount of dammage in a crowded shopping mall with just a knife, but It seems that there is a pattern of behaviour that assault weapons are used in mass shootings, the last serious shooting here was in 1990, shortly after that the Government got seriously strict with weapons laws and control, we didnt like it but it happened regardless. the general thoughts by government in regards to guns is "if its not for legitimate hunting, then why do you need it" other than helicopter shooters, NO one in their right mind would use a millitary assault weapon for hunting.
  6. Survival Question

    Yes I agree, its very small and lightweight, it will even hold goats and small pigs, I always carry it as I like to trap possums even if im not going to eat them, they are a serious threat to our ecological system so a dead possum is a good possum.
  7. some easy and sneaky hunting

    its probably the most common calibre here, very little difference between the 7mm-08 and a 308 which is also very popular, many people like using .223 ( 5.56 ) for deer hunting in the bush, a well placed neck or head shot works well. Yes its very hilly country here, most hunting is either in tight bush or long shots up to 500m on the open tops country or river flats.
  8. Survival Question

    If I could pick only Ten, and usually this is all Ill have anyway unless im doing an over night mission, this is what I have. 1 fixed blade knife 2 spare folding blade knife 3 rifle/ammo 4 fire lighting tool 5 fishing kit 6 emergency thermal blanket 7 Para cord 20m 8 small leg hold trap 9 glucose /chocolate ( included in 24 hour ration pack ) 10 spare merino thermal shirt
  9. WILDSURVIVE @ The Movies

    its very different to the lord of the rings, the way it is filmed takes a bit of getting used to, they wanted it to feel like you are in the scenes with the characters, which i think worked very well. Oh and just watched the whole series of Strike Back again with Richard Armitage ( plays the lead dwarf ) Strike back is based on the book by Chris Ryan, ex SAS soldier who was in the Bravo Two Zero mission in Iraq 1991.
  10. some easy and sneaky hunting

    we call them hinds :hugegrin: dropped her with my single shot Bergara 7mm-08, the patchy coloured ones are Fallow deer, amazing eating but I dont shoot them in this paticular area, I like to have them handy for photography and just watching them. Have shot a few more yearling red deer lately for the freezer.
  11. WILDSURVIVE @ The Movies

    Just re-watched Black Hawk down, The Hurt Locker, and We were soldiers. but I went to the movies the other night and saw The Hobbit in high framed 3D............ loved it !!!
  12. What new guns are on your wish list?

    I want a suppressed colt AR-15 :pray:
  13. some easy and sneaky hunting

    yep its the only reason I hunt, ill gladly bust my ass back packing the entire animal to butcher for the freezer, im doing a bit more photo hunting at the moment as I dont shoot hinds with fawns...
  14. some easy and sneaky hunting

    I probably could have been more detailed with the writting but pictures are far better than words. Ive got a video review to do on that rifle soon.
  15. some easy and sneaky hunting

    Hello, I have short the odd critter lately but having moved into a new house Im still unpacking, Im due to get out again for another deer for the freezer, I have a trail camera set up as well with some good results