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  1. Dad and kids singing in car

    happy070.gif That's awesome man that video is hilarious!!
  2. Iphone Survival App

    This is a really cool application I like that. Thanks for the share.
  3. I invented something...

    Sounds like a pretty cool idea. I like it.
  4. "Stuff that makes me laugh..."

    Some of the obama mess up compilations have been really funny.
  5. Bone Chilling Ghost video

    Hahah that video is hilarious! Now the joke is on him!
  6. FAIL!!!!!

    Hahaha I'm sorry but I could not help from falling out of my chair laughing!!
  7. Advice Needed!!!

    This definitely sounds like something emotionally or psychologically related.
  8. How to Fix Congress

    Holy crap!! I am going to repost this EVERYWHERE!
  9. I Need Your Help!

    I liked it. Best of luck!
  10. The Bucket List

    I would love to travel to Rome and see the architecture.
  11. skype

    Yeah I have a skype.. Chat me up whenever you're on. Outdoorbrian567
  12. New Moon

    I love this song... Brought back some memories.
  13. happy070.gif Haha thanks for the link!
  14. Cabin Porn

    Haha was expecting something totally different for a second... THANKS FOR THE SHARE!
  15. Wilson's Adventures

    Haha I'm not going to lie that's really adorable.