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  1. Campfire Talk

    Brrrr.... Zero this mornin... Hope I get to stay in the shop today
  2. Backpacking Rifle!!!

    I have bad eyes swede... I need the big scope lol... It's on a picatiny rail so it comes off easy.
  3. Backpacking Rifle!!!

    It's a little pricey for a .22 at $300 but worth every penny for me as much as I hike.
  4. Campfire Talk

    Kicks the snow away from the fire and throws a log on... Mornin campers
  5. Backpacking Rifle!!!

    Ruger 10-22 take down, comes in a nice back pack style bag with lots of storage and molle webbing. Awesome, I love this gun.
  6. Razors world (pictures and stuff)

    Nice! Good man, I was wondering about that. Lol
  7. Campfire Talk

    50 degrees and 40 + winds here....
  8. Campfire Talk

    Lol! Nice
  9. Razors world (pictures and stuff)

    Lots of fun razor... Your boys lucky to have a cool dad to teach him.
  10. Campfire Talk

    I felt bad for the lady... She was more embarrassed than anything I think. I gave her some gauze and she took off.
  11. Campfire Talk

    She couldn't stop going down a steeper part of the trail... She's fine, had my handy dandy trail kit with me.
  12. Campfire Talk

    Had a good time though... Till I watched a woman smash a tree face first on cross country skis. Did a number on her nose.
  13. Campfire Talk

    True... I guess we all want what we don't have. I'm a green leaves type of guy... And sunshine lol
  14. Campfire Talk

    I'd love some mud... We keep getting teases of warm weather than back to -10 and ass deep in snow...
  15. Campfire Talk

    Ahhh... Made it out on the snow shoes most if the day... How do campers