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  1. Hello all from another Iowan

    I'd never do that to him. He's my brother and I wouldn't want to see him hurt. B) Him on the other hand. Maybe he'll tell you how he tried to get me killed by the bouncer staff at a drinking establishment a number of years ago. 8|
  2. Hello all from another Iowan

    That happens more times than you could imagine Rockhounder. There are still some bars in Iowa I can't go in because of him. LOL
  3. Hello all from another Iowan

    LOL I only did football one year never cared for him as a coach, but park was a blast in computer class, and all the great park quotes, I always s got along with him once I outclassed him in computer class. Once you broke his superiority complex, he wasn't half bad. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk
  4. Wildsurvive MOBILE!

    Glad to see the forum on Tapatalk. Great mobile tool. Wish all my forums were using it. Thanks Doc
  5. Hello all from another Iowan

    Him and your dad were some of my favorite teachers. Damn I'm getting old. :'(
  6. Hello all from another Iowan

    Another good question. Started out in high school, Mr Park (football coach) called me Doc Watson, (After The Conan Doyle character in the Sherlock Holmes novels), Then when I was stationed in Germany, I worked on a radio site and picked up the nickname Watmo, which stuck (Even the brigade commander thought my real name was Watmo instead of Watson). After the Army, the nickname Doc came back because I worked in IT and some people called me the computer doctor. So when I needed an online "Persona" I just merged the two nicknames and it's been Docwatmo ever since. Most people (Who didn't know me in the Army) Call me Doc for short (Still related to the computer tech thing). Doc
  7. Hello all from another Iowan

    LOL, Now THAT would be funny (And confusing). I'll find something unique LOL. I never change my avatar once I have one, because people tend to be visual and it can be quite confusing. So I like to take my time and find something "Unique" that I'll be comfortable with for a long time. I'm heading out on vacation for the next 4 days tomorrow, so I won't have much chance to do anything. I'm scanning hundreds of threads to find some of interest but that's about all I can do right now while I'm rebuilding a computer for a user.
  8. Hello all from another Iowan

    Followed by telling the doctor "You bring one more of those things out here and I'm out the door".
  9. Hello all from another Iowan

    LOL, I appreciate the welcome. You do have to be careful, when the two of us get in a room together and the laughter starts rolling, we can hit critical mass, where we are both just lying on the floor laughing hysterically at ourselves while everyone around us just kind of stares and wonders whats wrong with those guys. Either that or the antimatter/matter nuclear explosion thing happens, but it's been a few years since we leveled any small continents.