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  1. Whats this

    Umm, I told you you mean. LOL happy097.gif happy097.gif
  2. Whats this

    Yep, Netting needle for making fish nets and other weaved nets.
  3. Where is OFG?

    Folsom is nestled into mountains so it's the kind of view I guessed it would be.
  4. Where is OFG?

    Is that Folsom field in the background?
  5. Campfire Talk

    Hey Nurk! I have to agree with you on the storage of information. I spent 20 years building an extensive library of books and just didn't have the space, they ended up stored in boxes. Now with digital medial. I have 5 copies of my library on 5 different devices, all sunk up with 100 times more stuff then I could ever read in a lifetime. I treat it like a reference library. So instead of using google or going to a physical library to look something up. I have access to it from anywhere any time. And 3 of those copies are 1/4 the size of a postage stamp and the other two are portable USB 2.5 inch drives about the size of a deck of cards. Excellent reference and a hell of a lot less maintenance and space than solid books. I would need a warehouse 100 ft x 100 ft of shelving to hold this much stuff. Excellent tool for sure.
  6. Happy Birthday SG!!! Hope you get to enjoy it all day!!
  7. Optimus Crux

    I've been eyeballing that stove for a while. Figure if I ever need to replace my Coleman exponent, this would be the guy.
  8. Inspirational Quotes

    Perspective is important. "What I know could fill a thimble, what I want to know could fill an ocean, what is available to know fills the universe". ~Doc
  9. Where Can I Find A Job

    Also, look at the opportunity for self employment. If you have the time and inclination to work for yourself, you may be better off. Do you have a skill that you can market locally? Welding, Engine Repair, etc. Even if you start off just bartering. "Yeah, I'll weld the chassis on that tractor, but instead of cash, How about 1/2 a pig" Sometimes barter is more beneficial to bother parties than a cash transaction.
  10. Campfire Talk

    I LOVE beagles, Such great dogs. What a cute little pup!
  11. Campfire Talk

    We talk a lot about wilderness type survival here, but in reality, our chances of being stranded in the woods for an extended period are quite small compared to the other types of survival we have a higher chance of facing on a day to day basis. And the closer we get to an economic/social meltdown, the more those other survival issues come into play.
  12. Campfire Talk

    I'm talking the dangerous kind of ugly. Not the verbal semi passive ugly we are seeing today.
  13. Campfire Talk

    When people get smarter, they will no longer think that choosing a new master ever couple of years will fix things. Unfortunately, due to the entrenched stupidity, nothing short of a meltdown will allow things to be corrected. It's sad but inevitable. One of the first signs of revolt is a general discord with the very people that they chose to run their lives. Extremists on both ends start looking better because they pander to the raw emotions of a limited number of issues. It's going to get ugly and worse, unless a miracle happens, but I don't expect much from the general population.
  14. Campfire Talk

    I"m still guessing the dark side of the moon. :hugegrin:
  15. Where is OFG?

    Haaa, There are hints and then there are HINTS LOL
  16. Campfire Talk

    Haaa, No security necessary. Well, except around the bacon... Just sayin.... The only thing in this world that scares me is watching my kids eat. Like a pack of hyena's on a carcass. But they keep eyeballing me. Scary stuff. LOL
  17. lock picking

    in shtf, a bolt cutter or a breaking bar will suffice. Particularly if you don't wish to save the door latch. heck a screwdriver can rip most door latches off if your not concerned with locking it back up again.
  18. ROFL happy097.gif happy097.gif
  19. lock picking

    Research the laws in your area. In some places just possessing them can be a crime. (and with your driving and over the road work you may be committing a crime and not even know it. But it is a useful skill. I've gotten several locks off after keys were lost.
  20. Campfire Talk

    Had an awesome day yesterday. Spent the first half helping out at the school doing yard work and stuff getting it ready for school to start. Then went to a pig roast with some friends and played volleyball for 6 hours. I can barely move this morning. LOL So I'm going for a hike to loosen back up. Have a great day everyone.
  21. Where is OFG?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that is Mt Howard in the background.. It's been 23 or so years since I visited lake Wenatchee but that long view down the lake at the mountains just looks really familiar. Maybe its just wishful thinking remember some great hikes out that way.
  22. Where is OFG?

    Wenatchee mountains (Just a wild guess). Looks vaguely familiar for some reason.
  23. Campfire Talk

    Lot of truth in this. We've paid our dues as younger men. Getting old is a privileged denied many. I'm glad your kicken around Swede.
  24. Campfire Talk

    FB seems to be usurping forums as the defacto method of keeping up with "Groups". It's unfortunate because as great as it is for immediate communications, it's a terrible archive. Forums still have the leg up on being quick, easy places to locate information. That's why I still run both. Or I would probably drop forums all together. The forum format is great because it brings out real world experience from so many different people with different experience in different walks of life. THAT is far more valuable than the trinkets of encyclopedic info neatly stored on the shelves or in books.
  25. Campfire Talk

    FB is just entertainment, like a movie. I can spend 2 hours watching a movie, or I can spend 10 minutes every couple of hours to keep up with my friends and their lives. I've met some incredible people on FB and learned quite a bit on a myriad of subjects and enjoyed some wonderful debates. As with anything, it's how you choose to use it. Control it, don't let it control you. Hope you find what your looking for, I will certainly miss your posts on FB. Your humor, and insight were always a welcomed blip on my newsfeed.