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  1. I'm hoping to do up breakfast again for saturday.   But instead of scrambled omelettes, I'm going to do hot cakes, sausage, and eggs to order.   Or if everyone is ok with mixing it all together, I'll do breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, ham, veggies, sausage etc.    

  2. One quick question, I can't seem to find customization for color scheme.  All this white is very hard to read on a large display.  I tend to use darker colors with more contrast.  We had some themes under the previous site, is there anything similar under this new software?



  3. I always wanted to chip a piece of porcelain off a toilet and when they ask me for a stool sample, hand that to them.....    :P


    Hope they get you figured out swede.  Get back to healthy soon.



  4. Yippee!!,  That backup is a full site backup, so it's easy to restore or move.  My backup was just a data backup, which would restore all the posts, messages, etc, but the site would have had to be rebuilt before restoration.  Big sigh of relief. 

  5. Had a great camp out with the scouts this weekend. Misted a beautiful mist with intermittent rain the whole time, about 45 degrees (Perfect sleeping weather).  It was so calming.  Made some amazing cast iron chili, and cooked up Pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.  I need every weekend to be this good!!  :-) 

  6. It's so much better to look at these pictures now that I've been there.  Knowing and understanding the layout and location of stuff just makes it more enjoyable.  Thanks again for having us Swede. 

  7. That was a tremendous time!!  It was so nice to finally meet some of the other wild survie peeps!!  Great campfire conversations.  Feel like I've known everyone for years now.  :-)  Sharron and Swede, Just amazing hosts.  Really can't wait til next year, (And probably a couple trips between now and then too).  Thanks everyone for making my family and I feel so welcome! 



  8. I have made a decision to prepare myself for survival while driving my car from all threats from any one any where.  :bandit:



    That is a perfectly fine method of survival.  Stay safe Swede!



  9. Saturday night was pretty clear for us, got to see about a half dozen good ones, but not as many as they were predicting, (Peak viewing time was like 3:00 AM though and we just did an hour from 9 to 10).  I was hoping last night would be clear, but it wasn't.