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  1. What Do You Carry?

    SAK, compass, butane lighter, flashlight, bandana, mini ferro rod
  2. ax tested ferro rod Kleen canteen tarp cordage
  3. Ice

    Make sure that the sapling has a dia. strong enough to bear your weight if you do fall through. We also make ice grips/picks that are connected by a lace around/inside your coat, passing through your sleeves. you can buy them or make some at home. I take a wooden dowel (1+" dia, about 7" long) drill a cross hole at one end to pass the lace, and insert snugly in a nail at the other end length wise. Clip off the head of the nail, and grind to a point, leaving 2+ inches expose to stab into the ice. I cover the exposed sharp end with a thin drinking Saw trimmed to length filled with silicone to act as a protective cap. It will shear off when you drive the nail into the ice. But being aware of the ice conditions is way better than having to use any of the above.
  4. Ice

    If on foot, we carry saplings 8-10', like the high wire walkers. The reasoning is that the sapling will bridge accross the hole that you fell into and give you a brace point to help get you out. I like the 3`idea myself.
  5. I've used the older LTC kukri, enjoyed it a lot. Other than my ax, it would be the only replacement for me.
  6. paring down firearms

    I am in the process of paring down my firearms. Trying to maintain common calibers, for my family and friends and I. I would like to end up with 1 center fire rifle, 1 shotgun, 1 .22lr rifle and a combination shotgun/rifle. This would also be the list for my family. An advantage is common ammo, and having a larger availability of those calibers. Instead of carrying a minimum of each cartridge type, more of a singular choice, also a greater variety in that cartridge in different weight grains and styles. A simpler choice for me, I think?
  7. I carry a medicine bag around my neck, it has items that are spiritual for me. I usually carry an ivory pendant that my father gave to me along, long time ago.
  8. How many if any carry charms or lucky keepsakes with them as part of their bushcrafting kit?
  9. Survival foods

    We add dried cranberries and such to our pemican bars. On another line about trail mix, my son is peanut allergic, so we substituted salted sunflower seeds instead, actually we all changed in case a mistake could be made.
  10. How about your head gear?

    Like most a wide brim hat for the summer, a fleece brimed hat for the fall, spring, fur for winter.(getting old, I like my comfort.)
  11. One thing that I carry is a painters drop sheet, very light, thin and cheap, I don't like to carry heavier than I need to.
  12. I always carry a small pouch on a lanyard, shelter, warmth, fire, orientation, SS cup, knife and sharpener, FAK etc... About the size of mini binocular pouch, when I set out for a walk. If a longer trail, a small pack with rations and water is used
  13. After looking at the background TV broadcasts I noticed that those who had bicycles with various add-ons were mobile a lot faster and gathering needed items that were not readily available to their sedentary and isolated neighbors. Realizing that not all are stable on a 2 wheeler, a 3 wheel "adult" bike would be an option in times of needs. Along with varied "trailers" that attach to the bike, they could make there way easier through smaller clearances and pathways. Have any of yous started to use of look into this alternate mood of transportation?
  14. Cougar Sightings

    My wife's grandfather reported a cougar sighting 50yr's ago, MNR said impossible and since then hundreds of sightings but unless verified by a government employee they do not exist....
  15. Best Camping Firearm

    Probably an excellent choice would be a savage 24 in most of it's configurations. .22lr/410ga .22lr/20ga .308/12ga etc...