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  1. wow, Everywhere i have looked are selling it for £210
  2. So i should have around £100ish to spend on a tent. Want a decent one as we get some pretty awful weather here in Scotland, High winds, loads of rain and half of the time snow half way through the year! So i need something that can withhold the rain and wind well. Was going to buy a Coleman Phact x2 which was reduced to £70.00 as i heard good things about them. Now it's up at £110 and im wondering if theirs anything better i can get for my money? Only really need a 2 beth. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time /grant
  3. Hey, From Scotland.

    Thanks everyone. Hopefully have my first trip of the summer in the next 2-3 weeks.
  4. Hey, From Scotland.

    Thanks guys!
  5. Hey, From Scotland.

    Hey im Grant, 17 years young. Born in Australia but living in Scotland. Been going camping since i was about 3. Can remember a few years ago taking the off-roader and camping for 2 weeks in Lancelin, WA. Then a long drive home with my grandad. Bath, Food... Back in the the truck and heading inland and spending a week in the bush. Amazing time. Not really done as much camping and hiking here in Scotland only a little, But hoping to get back into things. Ordering some gear once i get paid. And in a few weeks heading up north for a little 2-3 day camping trip, Maybe throw in some rock climbing and bouldering. So yeah thats me. Found this forum and seems like an awesome place. Hopefully become pretty active /Cheers