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  1. I have paracord and bankline in everyone one of my kits. I dont think there is enough space on the internet to expalin all the things you can do with good cordage. Or even bad cordage for that matter! Let me rephrase, when your out there....ANY cordage is good cordage!
  2. Thats awesome. Bankline is cheaper and easier to find as well. It wasnt until recently when paracord bracelets started to become popular that paracord itself became easier to find and purchase.
  3. Ya know, Ive been subscribed to Dave for a long time and I can relate to alot of the things he does. His aproach to things are somewhat similar to mine which is cool. And I have a few of the Pathfinder items from their websie and they serve me well. So yea, I guess you could say Im a fan.
  4. Thanks. Im assuming 8 Moose's is good haha
  5. I order it on the Pathfinder website. http://stores.thepathfinderschoolllc.com/-strse-Cordage/Categories.bok
  6. Yea that sounds like bank line.
  7. $35. I think thats more than good considering the cup it came with. My Guyot was $25 when I bought it years ago.
  8. Im very much used to using the Guyot Designs Backpacker water bottle to carry and boil my water. But I recently checked out this Bottle and Cup from the Pathfinder guys and this thing is great. Comes with your standard 32oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Thick, Durable and Light! It also comes with a 25oz Stainless Steel Cup. The Cup comes with measuring lines on the inside and its a fairly big cup. Great system for carrying and boiling your water!
  9. I have 350lb test bankline in my actual suvival kit. Its great stuff.
  10. Theres a huge differance between what I consider to be my Training Kit and Survival Kit. We all know a Survival Kit is meant to give you the resources and tools needed to keep your ass alive long enough to be rescued. A Training Kit is a kit used to practice the tecniques needed with these tools to better your skillset for when you really need it. Could I survive on my Training Kit alone? You bet your ass I can. But its not built like my Survival Kit. My Survival Kit is not built to get the job done at my best but rather to get the job done when Im at my worst. When your not at the top of your game and your cold, battered, beaten...possibly injured, you dont want to be fiddling with a fire trying to get it started. You want sure fire! Which is why I keep Mini Inferno and Wetfire in my Survival Kit at ALL times! Its a bag built on the "lets not mess around and get it done" philosophy. Everything I put in that kit is tried, tested and assured by me and me only and tailored to my personal needs and skillset to save my ass when I am at my absolute worst. Furthermore, the items in my PSK may not be whats best for you. Whats good for one guy will kill the guy sitting next to him. I prefer using an Aurora Fire Steel. That might not be the Fire Steel you are prone to using. I carry a Becker BK-2 with my PSK. You may not be skilled with that sort of knife and prefer a Wetterlings Axe or a Machete. But THAT is the whole purpose of the Training Kit! To take the gear out into the woods and get actual field time with it to determine whether you think it would serve you in a real life or death situation. In conclusion, my Survival Kit is a kit that when I go camping, hiking or whatever it is that Im doing that comes with me and is staged and forgotten until that time comes when I need it. And my Training Kit is there to determine how that kit evolves. So the question is...Is having a Training Kit good for everyone? I think so.
  11. Hey guys, had a few of you ask for a loadout on my Survival Training Kit so here it is! Keep in mind that this is a TRAINING kit and NOT a Survival Kit. I use this as a training tool when Im out in the field so the contents of this bag are constantly changing and evolving. Whats in this bag today may not be in there tomorrow. *There are a few things missing, but I will defiantly add them in the replys as I get photos of them.* This is the Maxpedition Sabercat Versipack. Awesome bag, alot of space and great organization! I added suspenders from SKD Tactical for easier carry. On the first side pocket I carry 2 25' lengths of 550 Paracord, a small Coleman LED Flashlight and a Pocket Survival Guide. In the second side pocket I have a small FAK, Coleman Bio-Wipes, Hand Sanitizer and a small Hygene Kit. The front pocket holds an extra Mylar Blanket and Rain Poncho. Some hot chocolate, drink mix, a CLIF Bar and some extra Waterproof Matches. The top pouch is my fire kit. Has an altoids tin with vasoline injected cotton balls. Waterproof match case with matches, small tinder tin with tinder tabs, and a BIC lighter that NEVER gets used because I always use a firesteel. In this case, the one Im using right now is the Primus Firesteel. Theres also a small allen wrench used for my Becker BK2. In the Top Pocket I carry some easy to get to items such as Chapstick, Duct Tape, another lighter, Advil, Aleve, Eye Drops, Bug Spray, Itch Relief and a small pencil sharpener I use for making Tinder. In the main pouch I hold a bunch of stuff. Theres a small sleeve on the lid that I keep easy to get to medical supplys. The main pouch holds my gloves, an Aquamira Frontier Pro, Multi-Tool, SOL Survival Blanket, some Maya Dust and Electrical Tape. It also holds a mini Fishing Kit, mini Sewing Kit and some dryer lint. And of course my Rite in the Rain Travel Journal case with an Eastern Trees Identification Guide. The main pouch also holds my food kit which is a cook tin and consists of oatmeal, MRE goodness, Instant Coffee, HOBO Tool and some Water Purification Tablets. The 2 sleeves in the main pouch has heavy duty tin foil, zip-lock bag and some coffee filters. MRE Peanut Butter, MRE Cheese Spread and some MRE Crackers.
  12. my survival stuff

    Very nice kit. Small, compact, easy to lug around.
  13. Micro Kit Idea

    Yea, def a step down from the Altoids tin.