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  1. Garbage, noise, and ATV destruction are right at the top of my list. I also camp on crown land in Ontario and it is very discouraging to see the junk that gets left behind. I have not camped in a provincial park for along time, way to crowded. Good thread. NR
  2. Good video... I was talking about this not long ago. I normaly lean against a tree or rock, might try this method. NR
  3. My New Everyday Carry

    Nicely organized. NR
  4. Backpacking Rifle!!!

    IMO the Papoose is awesome. I have one and love it. Very reliable and very accurate. Have you considered a single shot 12g 20g or .410 with a caliber adapter ? This is something I am looking into. NR
  5. finding natural tinder when it wet or raining

    Good post. I enjoyed that. NR
  6. Campfire Talk

    The anorak is made by Swanndri from New Zealand. The fish is a small Lake Trout. NR
  7. Campfire Talk

    Well I got out on the lake today, it was a beautiful day to be out side. The sun was shinning and the temp was just below freezing with a brisk wind at times. The fishing was not great today but we did not get skunked. NR
  8. Campfire Talk

    Close but yet so far. NR
  9. Campfire Talk

    We just received a good foot and a half of snow over the last 24 hrs. :thumbsup: Temp is currently -10 C. Hope to get out on the skidoo and do some ice fishing this weekend. NR
  10. Hello from Ontario Canada.

    Thanks for the welcomes... I'm in the Barrie area. NR
  11. Best Camping Firearm

    I highly recommend the Marlin Papoose, for a .22 camp/survival gun. Have you considered a .12GA. or .20GA. with caliber adapters. This is something I have been looking into as of late. www.gunadapters.com NR
  12. paring down firearms

    The .22 is by far my favorite round. You can shoot all day and not go broke, and carry many rounds with little weight. I highly recommend the Marlin Papoose for it's accuracy, reliability, and packability. The centre fire rifle you end up with should reflect on the game you have in your area, and the availability of ammo. NR
  13. Ice

    The saplings are a good idea. I have not tried them though, I am normally on a ski doo, so I carry ice picks around my neck. Mine are not homemade. For me 3" is not enough, minimum 5" and then I am still very carefull. No fish is worth risking your life for. I was out last weekend ice fishing sadly didn't get any through the hole, there was 10" of ice. Stay safe. NR
  14. Hello from Ontario Canada.

    Huntsville and Baysville are both very nice towns. Baysville is more of a village. NR
  15. les's new axe

    I love the looks of this axe.. It is available from www.workwearcanada.com for around $ 140.00. NR