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  1. Hi all

    Thanks again. Bravo, prices vary according to what you're interested in. Anywhere from 50 bucks to 400 and everything in between. :grin: Email with your interest. I am a year backlogged. Scott
  2. Hi all

    Thanks everyone. I'll try and stop by more often. Scott
  3. Hi all

    It's been awhile since I stopped by here. Just so busy these days, I forget about some of the forums i've been on. Alot has happened in the last 4 months. I went fulltime knifemaking, moved into a new shop and have been working near 7 days a week. I'll try and stop by more often. Scott
  4. Website up and running

    It's only a name change. I need to focus on what's important, making knives. Razorback knives will always be a part of me but the real name that goes with my knives is my own. Scott
  5. Website up and running

    http://www.gossmanknives.com is up and running. It's basically the same as the old site with some minor changes. I updated my process page. Forgot to say this forum is on my links page. With 580,000 hits on my site last year, maybe more people will become aware of this site. :thumbsup: Scott
  6. Pictures of Our Members

    Here I am with two deer I got back in October. Also field dressing one with my Buffalo knife. Scott
  7. Hi from Sussex

    Welcome Wayne. Gotta love your job, spent in the woods. :thumbup: Scott
  8. Just saying hello

    Thanks everyone for the welcome. If anyone needs any help with knife related questions feel free to email or make a post. I don't know everything but will do my best to help with the knowledge I have. Scott
  9. Just saying hello

    Thanks! Scott
  10. Just saying hello

    Thought i'd take the time to introduce myself. My name is Scott Gossman, I'm a custom knifemaker specializing in edged tools for the outdoors enthusiast. I frequent several other forums and was invited here by forum member LOST. I will stop by when I can but my workload prevents me from spending as much time on the forums as I used to. Thanks Scott