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  1. Deer with Atlatl

    Nice kit and kill, i've been messing with the Atlatl for a while now...i love it. Just getting started and still in the learning curve. First I read everything i could find on the net and viewed many pictures...few sites that gave from start to finish directions. So you gather all the information you can find, then make your own. First time in the field i was very pleased...not hard to learn. Just after a few tries i was throwing the dart 30 to 40 paces...one pace just under 3 ft. As i got more practice the dart went further...50 paces. Since then I've added the basket makers finger loops and a y stick to the business end. Now i don't have to hold the dart at all and my power has increased to 65 paces. I still have a lot to learn and have yet added a weight to the atlatl for balance. Plus my darts need some work, but all in all i love this weapon. Can't wait to get a target setup and get me and the atlatl in tune and learn my most effect range.
  2. Video Slideshow

    Back to the drawing board wacky078.gif
  3. These are the photos i took on my last hike and camp out...hope it loads
  4. I tried loading more photos but it just would not allow it :help:
  5. Spent some outdoor time on the 15 of Jan, did some hiking then made camp and did a flint & steel fire. Collected some firewood and tried my hand at campfire bannock bread. Used my last piece of char cloth so took the time to make more over the campfire. Stayed all day then hiked out in the dark as i took more photos...had an awesome time!
  6. For sure...now it's time to practice cutting notches :grin:
  7. Thank you ...it's really not that hard when you follow along with a how to video. Then after a while you can do them on your own. This is my first attempt, big difference from the second one pictured above.
  8. I've done a little carving on my own, took one free class but never went back. Here is my first and second wood spirit i ever did. I hope to one day carve the wood spirit on a walking stick then leave it along the trail for someone to find.
  9. Pert near any oil will burn that includes nuts and seeds, the higher the oil content the better it will burn. I always carry a candle stub for hard to light wet and frozen wood.
  10. Nice job for sure, guess i need to work on my carving skills, Muscle memory is what's needed for carving & cutting notches in wood. Thanks for the reminder and giving me something else... to do in camp.
  11. Howdy From NE Ohio

    Sorry for the repeat intro it's been a while since I been around.
  12. Capturing a honey bee hive.

    That was awesome and so interesting, i can't believe how big that hive was, thanks for sharing :hugegrin:
  13. Here is the last video, i had a good time that day. You know I could have stayed there a lot longer and it still wouldn't be long enough. Thanks so much for watching ..OT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvfVoaX4oG0
  14. What new guns are on your wish list?

    I have one and love it , it's the kind of gun that keep shooting no matter what you do to it. Not only that but it's accuracy is darn good for what it is. With just a little cleaning and lite oiling it shoots and shoots and shoots.