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  1. Neck Kit

    I wear an urban neck kit 24/24 and 7/7: - A CRKT survival knife RSK mk5 with sheath and ballchain. - A mini led e-gear Pico. - A small ferro rod and a homemade small tinder. And I used to change it for this one when go outdoors: - A Condor "Fidelis" small neck knife with sheath and paracord. - A plastic survival wisttle. - A firesteel and homemade big tinder. - A small sharpening stone. And my outdoors survival kit count with a bigger neck knife (Eskabar) with a almost identical kit with 2 tinders. As you can see, I'm a fan of neck knives with neck kits
  2. It's a very quick to cook hot meal (two minutes in boiling water). It's energetic and nutritive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polenta
  3. Here is my outdoor survival kit. I carry it in a big belt bag, so I can wear a backpack with my hiking stuff too. - Good quality paracord. - Poncho. - Hygienic towels. - Kleenex. - Head scarf. - Bandana. - Bivybag. - PSK (Eskabar) with survival kit (paracord, wisttle, sharpening stone, ferro rod and waterproof tinder). - Mini folding saw. - Steel mug with cover and food. - Waterproof tinder. - Waterproof and windproof matches. - Safety pins and some rubberbands. - Canddle. - Ziplock bags. - Compass. - Aluminium foil. - Spork. PSK survival kit: Mug content: - Polenta (corn flour). - Cookies. - Salt. - Knorr cubes. - Esbit solid alcool tablet (12g). - Coffee. It's a 24 hours kit :arigato:
  4. I'm just back from a short hike, and it seem to me a good idea showing the stuff I used (one day hike in summer, here in north Spain). First, a good pair of shoes: ... And my outdoor survival kit: The suff I carry fit in a small sport bag: - An All Weather Blanket. - Canteen 1L (water). - A map and comments of the zone I walk (from internet) - A compass, for if I want to walk off trail. - A sweat shirt with hood. - A bushcraft knife, a mini showel, a whistle and something for making fire. - A mini hammock and a few meters of cheap paracord. - A windproof and waterproof vest, with hood. - A snack. ... And in my pocket, my SAK, my phone and a kleenex pack. Of course, it may vary: If I go to a rocky area, I also bring a first aid kit. Or a fishing rod if I walk along a river or a lake
  5. happy097.gif Yes!!! It' a great knife to skin dinosaurs happy097.gif
  6. I'm on summer hollidays, and I travelled a few days ago to Taramundi, one of the spanish handmade cutlery capital (I bought my first handmade knife, a small 12c27 Sandvick Puuko spanish style), and I visited the Taramundi custom knife museum. And I saw this: Do you have funny pictures like this one? :hugegrin:
  7. Thanks! But I need to confess one thing: I used to "modifie" my waterproof matchbox adding a small (3/16"x2") ferro rod
  8. 1 - Mora Robust/sheath. 2- 20m paracord. 3- All weather blanket (orange). 4- Stainless steel mug + cover. 5- Waterproof and windproof matches.
  9. When you need to crack some wood, you can just "open" a bit your log with your knife, and continue with an "V" piece of wood, if your blade is short or weak. I do it here with my "Fidelis" Condor (2" long): ... Yes, I know, it's very basic But maybe it can help someone...
  10. A bandana is a very usefull stuff in the outdoor. For an exemple, I love my Eskabar knife. But I think a wraped paracord is very unconfortable, and the zitel handdle (or micarta handdle in case of the Izula) make it bulky. My solution is to wrap a bandana around the squeletton handdle. It's quick and effective: What about you? How do you use your bandana?
  11. Hello from SpainHi!

    Thanks for the welcome
  12. Hi! I'm Joël, 49 yo and I live in Spain. I'm a lover of wilderness and outdoors activities (fishing, bushcraft, camping) and an old school "survivor" ('80s old school). I'm very glad to meet more people to share with. ... And for last, I beg your perdon for my poor english