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  1. Inspirational Quotes

    "If you dont have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?" "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well."
  2. New guy from Redneckville

    Welcome from California. I cant think of a better place to start reading for someome getting into backpacking.
  3. Hello from California!

  4. How can these be used?

    Lmao. Anyway nice usage of the tubes. I personally dont like having unnecessary container weight in my pack. I bet you could get away with using 1 or 2 for just items that shouldnt get wet. Anyway just my preference. But its nice and neat for sure and thats a plus. I bet one would do well as a vehicle survival kit as well.
  5. Favorites?

    Katadyn Hiker Pro! I used to carry tons of water and if i had to collect, id strain it, boil it and tablet it which i know is overkill but i guess im paranoid. Now i carry my hiker and about 2 liters, and Im starting to think i could do with less as long as i have a source on the trip somewhere.
  6. Nice review. Amazon has diffusers that turn most fenix lights into a small lamp which looks interesting. Ive been wanting to get one but right now i have a suprisingly decent coleman 3led from walmart that serves me well.
  7. Stanley camp cup...

    I have this too and love it. Sturdy, nice handle that doubles as a lid latch, sits on my little boiler nicely. I dont go out without it.
  8. Camping Equipment

    Anything to sit on! Chairs if im car camping or my bedroll if im hiking. Im still on the fence about tents. Many times ive just thrown a sleeping bag and bedroll on the ground or tarp and ive been fine and loved the luxury of not having to carry/setup/takedown. But theres always that fear of bugs, or unexpected weather. Soda! 1 can of soda joins me on almost every hike. Its rewarding at dinner time. Alcohol. Not alot, just a couple shots or a splash in my hot chocolate for a light buzz in the evening. Sometimes I'll skip it on solo overnighters.
  9. Hello from California!

    Thanks for the warm welcome folks! :-)
  10. Hello from California!

    Hi everyone, Im Sheperd from Fresno California. Discovered this forum on the Tapatalk Android App and was instantly hooked! So i only lurked for a day before registering. You seem to have a great community here. Lots of very informative threads and interesting adventures. A little about myself. Im a casual hiker/camper. I usually hike 3-5 times and take the family car camping once or twice each year. Im hoping to squeeze in a few more solo or small group 1-2 nighters this year as ive greatly improved my gear recently. Im 34 and work in construction so while my joints are all still working and im in decent shape, im not able to go for the huge treks id like to. Typically i'll hike 5-15 miles tops in a day and usually just stay one night because of work. I try to make each trip a survival excercise of some kind where i'll test new gear and techniques. Im a construction superintendant and finish carpenter, i like playing guitar, competitive shooting, and you guessed it.. Hiking! Thanks for accepting me to your community. I look forward to sharing my adventures and experience, and learning from yours.