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  1. Campfire Talk

    she usually does that to me when Im donin somethin Im not supposed to be doin.......But I tried to tell her that theres nothin better than a hamburger coated in chicken breading n deep fried.......I still get in trouble for it though......n you should have seen her face when I deep fried the steak..... Well Im off to bed......ttyl
  2. Campfire Talk

    HA!!!!! No one could ever control you.....except for the wind I suppose LOL Funny how my wife has that effect though.....half my size but puts me in my place every other minute.......although maybe I just let her......but dont tell her that or she'll yell at me again...
  3. Campfire Talk

    I stopped facebook years ago......people are too plugged in these days for my liking... and YES my beautiful Wendy told me about the conversations n said I should drag my ass back here for someone who was Taken by loneliness without me.... LOL
  4. thats about where I was plannin to start.....we will try to start tomorrow but it all depends on if I can get the camera to work LOL
  5. Yea its been a while.......but Im here now!!!! So was talking to the Wendywife today n we got into the topic of self defense n that maybe me n our nephew should do some videos for the site.......(He would be the practice dummy LOL) So I think it falls under survival but maybe not so let the admin move it where it should go... So I have some thoughts on what I would like to start with but is there anything (Within reason....Im not goin to show you how to kill someone) that you would like to see?
  6. Pictures of Our Members

    Wait till you see pics of him next to me.........LOL He's 150 now n still has a year n a half to grow
  7. Campfire Talk

    Like BinLameasses through a nightscope......so are the days of our lives
  8. Pictures of Our Members

    heres some new pics of my Baby..........
  9. Pictures of Our Members

    Odin and Athena at about 4-5 months (havent added more recent ones yet) another of Odin The pups playing
  10. Pictures of Our Members

    Hes a Great Dane...got him as a birthday/aniversary present......we got his twin sister a few months later And they're both taller than Wendy LOL>
  11. Pictures of Our Members

    My new baby Odin at 8 weeks...Will get pics of his twin sister Athena up later Next to a full grown Golden Retriever His paw in my hand Two months ago at 6months and 100lbs Now at 8 months and 120lbs....and yes him AND his sister have their own room and couch.....
  12. Campfire Talk

    Our lives are what we make them. We can choose to live in fear or we can choose to live in the moment. We can choose to live in the moment or we can choose to live in the future. We can prepair or we can go through life unprepaired, although un-prepaired would be more exciting. Dont fear for the lives we live now; prepaired or un-prepaired ,they are an adventure in themselves. The lives we live are an adventure we cannot unlive and cannot unlearn...every expirience adds to us. But either way, in the end we all die. So live life, no matter what...
  13. DONE!!! SHES STUCK WITH ME NOW!!!!! Ill get some pics for you when I can
  14. Homemade Harpoon, Pics inside!

    those are pretty cool...Ill have to give that a try! Thanks for the heads up Swede!