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  1. My brother has a hobby of restoring old coleman equipment. He has this same stove including a square pot and pan that double as a container for the stove. Many of these were military issue in Korea and can be very valuable. It say a lot about how reliable a piece of kit is when it has gone almost unchanged for so many years. Good video wingman, thanks for sharing.
  2. Another Canadian

    Welcome aboard.
  3. Hi All

    Tennessee here. (SE Ontario I guess) Welcome!
  4. WILDSURVIVE @ The Movies

    you forgot "yipii ki yay mother %$#&*@" :hugegrin:
  5. WILDSURVIVE @ The Movies

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  6. 1918 a forgotten history lesson

    Scary stuff for sure. Glad to know there are folks like you in the med field! I will definately check it out, maybe after a good glass of scotch for a bracer!
  7. WILDSURVIVE @ The Movies

    Tombstone, 9 logs loved the doc v. johnny ringo showdown... "poor johnny ringo, it appears the strain was more than he coud bear" also loved when doc explained, "Make no mistake, it's not revenge he's after. It's a reckonin'." Survival forum in mind, I liked Val in Red Planet also. Amy going rogue was a little scary when you realize that not all the enemies on the battlefield are human anymore... I grew up a big Batman fan but from the comic, not all the silly ass TV shows and early movies. Glad to see they finally started depicting the character (and the Tumbler, aka batmobile) properly. Sad it was his last role but Heath Ledger was 10 logs as the Joker..."Madness as you know is like gravity. All it takes is a little push..." Michael Caine was also great as Alfred.
  8. MoGas stove

    HA! I knew my kit was missing something!!
  9. MoGas stove

    Muddy Pete, What tool is that on the right in the first picture???!! :grin:
  10. Eye injuries

    Near miss for me on this one. I was using a small camp axe but the log I was trying to split was a little big, so I decided to try batoning it in half. A piece of the log I was hitting the back of the axe with splinter off and hit me in the eye. For the squeamish, I will go ahead and let you know I was LUCKY. Nothing sticking out of any place it didn't belong. I stumbled away from where I was working and went to all fours. I waited for the shooting stars to fade and told myself multiple times, that didn't just happen. Vision was a little blurry for the next few hours and when I woke up the next day I felt like I had a black eye. To my suprise there was no swelling and no shiner. I did notice an incredible sensitivity to bright light. I later learned that I had a scratched cornea and the pain started fading away after about four days. Lucky, lucky man that day. BOB is now complete with safety glasses!
  11. 1918 a forgotten history lesson

    Taken, I know this post is a little old and I'm a newbie but I just wanted to let you know that I share your questions about America's forgotten history. There is a great book about this called "The Great Influenza". Chilling chapters about mass burials in cities like Philadelphia where thousands were buried every day using steam shovels and bulldozers. The book touches on the doctors and the battle they fought trying to understand the illness. My grandfather was a doctor in WWI and was in the heart of the battle. He had seen first hand the thousands that died on the troop transport ships. They would be stacked on the fantail of the ships like wood. I don't know if its still true but only sailors could be buried at sea, so the soldiers that didn't survive the trip had to be stacked up until they could be buried in England or France. I had recently read that they (the CDC I think?) were seeking out children that survived the epidemic of 1918. The few folks they found still kickin' were asked to donate blood with the hopes that a vaccination could be developed. They didn't actually refer to the great influenza of '18 as "bird flu" in the book, but they did make it chillingly clear that it wasn't beaten by medicine... it's still out there... somewhere. scared011.gif
  12. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. Happy 4th from Tennessee!