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  1. I am interested in learning how to tan the hides of some of the animals I kill during hunting trips. I am interested in good ways to do that without sinking a ton of money into it. What Chemicals and tools would I need. I have read a bit about "brain tanning" where the chemicals boiled out of the animal's brain are sufficient to tan the hide of the animal. What I have read seems to be time and labor intensive so does anybody know something to simplify the process?
  2. Chicory Root Coffee

    Looks like we are on the same wavelength. I posted almost the identical statement right before I found yours.
  3. Chicory Root Coffee

    As far as I have been able to discover, the only plant native to North America that produces caffeine is the Yaupon Holly native to the southeastern coastal states. I have been looking for a source to buy six or eight trees to plant around my house in case coffee ever gets scarce.
  4. Chicory Root Coffee

    "ive roasted the root and made coffee. it works, ive also roasted dandilion root for coffee substitute. its a little better to my tast but mixing the two makes it a little better. bad thing is i dont belive there is any caffeen" True, there is no caffeine. My research indicates that the only North American native plant that produces caffeine is the Yaupon Holly in the southeastern coastal regions. It can be used to make a coffee substitute but is very strong. The local Native Americans used it ceremonially before the Europeans came. I'm trying to locate a source for some of the plants now. I want several to plant around the edge of my yard so if coffee becomes unavailable, I'll still have a source of my favorite drug: caffeine.
  5. Who needs magnesium? Bah Humbug!

    Now that's interesting. In my mind as I thought of easily portable tinder materials, jute was one of the things I thought of early and was sure it would work without yet trying it. I had never heard of or thought of dipping it in melted wax to enhance its flammability as tinder. That is now high on my list of things to do and get familiar with. thanks for the post.
  6. New Here

    Hi, I'm new here and have already begun to enjoy the subjects of some of the forums. I hope to both share and learn a lot as I visit these pages. I have spent my entire life hunting and fishing and camping, but have begun to take a much more serious approach as the state of the economy and our society spirals into decline. I am optimistic ordinarily, but my faith in the collective intelligence and intentions of our population has left me with little to be positive about other than being positive that we are in deep trouble. :disgust: