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  1. Once again the canteen shop sells write in the rain memo books and also they have a write in the rain journal both very reasonably priced
  2. Wool Blankets

    canteenshop.com they have several types and weights and their kit is top notch
  3. Tee Pee Heater

    I have witnessed both river rock is not good for fire ring I tried to tellem but they had to see chunks flew a good 15 feet noone was hurt as it was a semi controlled test the kids had to see to believe.
  4. Corn cobs

    nice I have to try corncobs see what kind of things my imagination pops out
  5. Be Prepared

    very good yes
  6. Char Tube

    cool I find them very handy myself one in each of my kits lol I like fire what can I say
  7. Longer the better in my book more knowledge woooo
  8. Walking Quietly

    Mocs and learn to put toes down first slowly feel as you roll foot slowly down feeling for sticks etc. wear pair old heavy socks over your shoes.Using this method on a windy day I once snuck to within 17 feet of a very nice 9 pointer a quick Zwicky 4 blade kept him bedded launched from my Root longbow. also great windy day tactic to hunt standing corn
  9. Winter Camping

    Awesome post Swede as usual do you or does anyone know were I could purchase just the gortex bivy alone in the us like Minnesota I have tried several surplus stores no luck
  11. Nice bit of kit and great job on the step by step
  12. Reflectix Insulation

    I made pot cozies for all my cookkits, a fire refletor oven, and a cozy for one gallon freezer bags stuff is great and fairly cheap
  13. Hand Sanitizer

    I carry a small bottle comes in handy various uses hygene is important
  14. Best Campfire Coffee Maker

    I have pretty much settled on my Colemen french coffee press . It's a bit heavy and slow but I prefer the taste of the coffee.
  15. Man Tracker

    I do believe I would give him a run for his money lol and I also watch this man he has some remarkable tracking skills I would call that type of thing fun yes but that's just my opinion I love outdoors stuff walking hiking tracking hunting fishing backpacking orienteering geocatching camping just being in the woods is a gift to me and yes they are spiritual.
  16. The Carbide LAMP

    Nice bit of history I am old school I assume lol
  17. Swede cuts trails

    Very nice place you have there Swede I also would opt for my heritage to the land and connection with the land. versus monetary steak any day of the week. I am hanging in their receiving chemo hoping for a cure just got home to Sandstone Minnesota staying with my oldest boy for an 8 day break from the Twin Cities hustle n bustle and my treatments. Just had to stop and check in here of course
  18. survival?

    The absolute most important aspect of survivability,,, The will to survive! any bonus survival equipment we have with us is quite useless without the will to survive
  19. When using ranger beeds I often check my stride it varies quite alot but you can get a good average.
  20. Cooking Gear

    Well ty I have been on a mission so to speak is good to be back although will be off and on
  21. Cooking Gear

    All depends on mood , where I am heading ,
  22. I think Daves vids, merchandise and info are all top notch
  23. Please identify me

    Anyone tell me what type of snake this is an whether it is poisonous?
  24. Please identify me

    taste like chickin mmmmmm is in Tn Swede mom made me kill it hate to waste anything so
  25. LOA

    :'(Sadly I must depart this awesome site in a few weeks . I have recently divorced and 2 dogs and what will fit in my vehicle will be relocating to Minnesota. We will be starting from scratch with little money and as of yet no place to go. A survival test if you will, lol I have thoroughly enjoyed this site the people and all the info. And I will return as soon as we get established please do not delete me I will check in when I am able and will be back on once we get situated. We will be heading out on or before the first of October. So any last minute info in the next few weeks would be outstanding once again I think this is one of thee best survival sites and you all are knowledgeable and friendly people :thumbsup: